Behind the scenes at DreamHack

We had the chance to speak to several people who were involved in various areas behind-the-scenes at DreamHack. This article will share with you a little insight as to what goes on into working a giant digital festival!

Months of planning

Preparation for the next event often starts immediately after we wrap up our latest event. Most of the prep-work consists of research, setting up deadlines, talking to stakeholders, meeting partners and making sure all the right equipment and people will be there during set-up. 

It is a continuous conversation with everyone to make sure all areas are executed properly. Our crew volunteers also lend us extra expertise and passion when it comes to the games we feature.

Petter Sten, Project Manager

Challenges of production

Yes most things are planned for, but can we really completely prepare for everything? Here's an example: it could be that the power cable we ordered is different, and the hardware doesn't work. Or a colleague is sick. A lot can happen during an event and our staff are adept at problem-solving so attendees can get a smooth viewing experience. 

I think that's the beauty of it. The technical team and the creative team are synergized on how we are putting out the show and we might spontaneously do extra fun content that we hadn't even thought of beforehand.

Geert Verhoeff, Technical Operations

Just like sports where a broadcast for golf and baseball are completely different, a tabletop broadcast is vastly different from eg. Rocket League. It's like finding keys that fit in totally different doors and new holes all the time.

Jimmy Beris, Producer

Come for one thing, stay for another

Many of our attendees have a main goal when they attend a DreamHack for the first time: it could be to participate and win cash in our esports tournaments, or it could be to stream from our Stream Studio, etc.

Whatever it might be, there're so many other activities to explore: such as sitting down with new-found friends in tabletop games, chatting with indie game developers and testing out their games, or esports stage hopping. Allow us to toot our own horn here and say you'll find more than one reason to stay and return to DreamHack. 

It's a combination you don't see anywhere else: combining the LAN with esports, including an expo with live music, food trucks, activities. Bring a couple friends and try to get the whole feeling.

Dennis Bijsterveld, Technical Operations