Fortnite AllStars at DreamHack Summer!
May 16, 2018

You asked and we always do our best to oblige! This Summer you can participate in our first Fortnite tournament! The tournament will be one of our BYOC tournaments and the total prize pool is 20,000 SEK! Not only will you be able to compete but you can also get the chance to play on stage with Gabbie, D'Rosso, Roxyproxxy and Ettnix!

Prize Pool: 10,000 SEK for both solos and duos
1st: 7500 SEK
2nd: 2500 SEK

Look out for more awesome prizes at the festival!

Tournament format: Solos and Duos. Solos will be played during the first day, and duos during the second.
Sign up: Coming soon!

Want to play on stage together with Gabbie, D'Rosso, Roxypoxxy and Ettnix? Stay stuned for more information!

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