Indie Zone Celebrates Gaming's Very Foundation
December 27, 2017

The Indie Zone is coming to DreamHack Austin! It’s our way of saying we love indies. It’s our tribute to the awesome things they represent – creativity, passion, close teams, and so much more. The risk some of these teams take on to make sure their game is made and/or their statement is made is something we at DreamHack respect immensely. We want to do our part to help minimize the risk they take as much as possible and get their game out there to the masses. As an attendee, this is your chance to be one of the first to try groundbreaking new games and provide feedback to make their games even better! 

The Indie Playground is a curated area where indie game developers enter their game and have the chance to win a complimentary booth to showcase their game. In addition, it’s organized as such by way of genre. So, an indie title will enter their game and be selected to join us, at no charge from DreamHack, based on winning a spot as one of the 12 possible genre categories. Multiple titles will be selected for each genre so we can make sure as many indie titles are seen as possible. 

For further details and entry in the Indie Playground, see here.