Student Zone is Ahead of its Class in Highlighting Potential
December 23, 2017

This year in Austin, students will have an even bigger chance to show off their skills in esports competitions on stage! Classic rivalries and the live finals of online championships will all go down at DreamHack Austin. There will also be opportunities to connect with other students, play games and maybe even support your local school! 

We’ll also be featuring a Student Game Showcase where students in Game Design can show off their latest game project. Some of these may even spawn a successful game down the road, a spiritual successor to what was thought of during their school years. That’s something that should be shown and celebrated, not just forgotten about once school’s out. So, we at DreamHack are giving students a chance to enter their game for a complimentary spot to showcase their hard work.

For further details and entry in the Student Game Showcase, see here.