Dream Big

The connection is you. DreamHack and the Autism Society San Diego are partnering to empower the Autism community with the resources needed to live fully. Join us at the festival as your favorite influencers, celebrities, and content creators harness the power of gaming for good to raise money and awareness for all the important work the Autism Society San Diego is doing for the community.

raise money and awareness

Meet Your Favorite Celebrity Guests!

Join us each day of the festival to meet different guests from across gaming and pop culture while we raise funds and awareness towards Autism Society San Diego! Stay tuned for schedules, meet and greet opportunities, and more.

Adam J. Harrington


Sindri – God of War

Alastair Duncan


Mímir, Alfred Pennyworth

Andrew Mclean

Content Creator / Cosplayer

Anjali Bhimani


Symmetra, Rampart, Aunt Ruby, Fy’ra Rai

Ben Prendergast

Actor, Producer

Týr, Fuse, Darth Maul, General Hux

Brent Noll


Rick and Morty, Troll Hunters

Carey Means


Frylock, Jonah Bishop

Chris Jai Alex

Actor / Producer / Director

Lord Boros, Esidisi, and Drift

Danielle Bisutti

Actor, Writer, Producer, Director, Singer

Freya – God of War


Content Creator

Eric Bauza


Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker, Baby Foozie Bear

Ethan Trace


Evanne Friedmann


Gná – God of War


Content Creator

Jason Paige

Singer, Writer, Producer

I wanna be, the very best…

Jason Spisak

Voice Actor

Silco, The Joker, Kid Flash

Jessica Dicicco


Gwen Wu, Lumina, Shigeru Kamado

Joe Kataldo

Composer and Sound Designer

Jon Allen

Voice Actor

Alessi, Nigrissi, Critter

Kelly Baskin

Voice Actor

Amber, Letizia, Lyre

Kevin Michael Richardson


Khoi Dao

Voice Actor & Cat Owner

Albedo, Kagetsu

Kyle Carrozza & Lindsay


Laura Stahl

Voice Actor

Ray, Barbara, Xinyan


Content Creator

Luke Sienkowski

Storyboard artist and Comedy Musician

Mason Lieberman

Senior composer and game audio supervisor Tencent

Michael Davis

The Warp Zone

Michael Schroeder

The Warp Zone

Morla Gorrondona


Beyla – God of War

Paul Amos


Jacob Frye, Barnabas Wolf 

Rikki Simons

Voice actor, writer, and artist

GIR, Bloaty, Raz Archetype

Robert Craighead

Actor, Writer, Producer

Brok, General Hemlock, Father Matthias 

Roger Clark

Actor, Producer

Arthur Morgan

Santana Maynard

Actor, Content Creator

Straw Hat Goofy

Content Creator

Vanessa Marshall

Voice Actor

Hera, Olga, Jan Ors, Sheeva 

The Creator Gauntlet is a new initiative launched at DreamHack San Diego for the first time. It’s a battle where content creators recruit their teams at the festival and battle it out against other creators, all for charity!

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