music at dreamhack SAN DIEGO

Time to bang your head, jump around, and enjoy our night of music! Saturday, April 8 our night of music begins at 8pm! Simply head over to the main stage and enjoy our live acts!

Saturday, April 8 - 10pm Main Stage

Set It Off, The Los Angeles-based band – comprised of Cody Carson (vocals), Zach DeWall (guitar) and Maxx Danziger (drums) – have become known for creating their own original brand of pop music, infusing bold electronic elements with rock instrumentations and guitar riffs as catchy as the choruses and an overall feel-good, dance-worthy vibe.

The lead single, “Skeleton” off their latest album Elsewhere epitomizes Set It Off – a group both fully committed to its roots and diving into its future by embracing inevitable change. Since forming in Florida in 2008, the genre-blending group has released four previous albums, amassed a loyal following, relocated to L.A., while their Top 10 Spotify tracks alone have racked up 528 million plays. The band’s full-length debut album Cinematics in 2012 embraced their moodier rock side, and later efforts took on an upbeat pop twist that culminated in a darker synergy of those styles on their last album Midnight. Elsewhere is a transitional, moody, and forward thinking release, one in which they have faced their demons and come out happier and more full of life than ever before.

Saturday, April 8 - 9pm Main Stage

Scene Queen is a singer and songwriter and known for coining the style “Bimbocore”.

Saturday, April 8 - 8pm Main Stage

City of Sound is a DIY cinematic-rock band that is known for their epic ‘in your face’ live performances, dynamic orchestration, and movie-like wall of sound. With comparisons to the likes of M83, Muse, and Angels and Airwaves. Finding a large following from the gaming-community, they have cultivated a very loud and supportive fanbase all across the world.