We’ve introduced more of the content you’ve always enjoyed to our shows… and then some. Inviting esports teams, streamers, indies, students, musicians, craftsmen, filmmakers, and more—it’s a whole way of living condensed into a kickass weekend!


Stream Studio

Watch your favorite streamers behind-the-scenes in the middle of the Expo.

Sign ups coming soon

Cosplay Championship

We all crave to see the most impossible costumes come to life. So, come cheer for the craftsmen that make those characters real!


Meet & Greet

Meet your favorite gaming personalities face-to-face.


Panels & Workshops

Our speakers cover a wide variety of subjects that’ll help you develop your skills or get you excited about something new.


DH's Got Talent

We are hosting a variety talent show on the Main Stage and you could be our next winner!


Speedrunning Marathons

Watch players who love extra constraints complete games in record time. Their speed and tricks will blow your socks off.



Indie Playground

Explore new titles from Indie developers and be among the first to try out their games.


Live Music

Live Music Acts

Better than streaming and listening through the best headphones. Jump into a sweaty crowd and shout for fantastic artists.



Console Freeplay

Take part in our console tournaments or just play whatever, whenever. Play with friends, strangers, or by yourself.


VR Freeplay

The tech behind them is improving all the time, with better experiences and more dynamic games.



Tabletop Arena

It’s all card games, board games, and anything else that’ll fit on our shelves.


Tabletop Tournaments

For the very competitive, enter at your own risk and win accolades and more.




Networking Lounge

Need a meeting room in the middle of a loud and exciting gaming festival? The lounge is a quiet and relaxing place to work.