DreamHack loves modding and the beauty in a custom built PC with personality and unique looks & features. Therefore we are hosting our Case Mod Championship with two different classes, both for the modding elite in Master Class and Open Class which is for all the aspiring modders out there.

Master Class is with invited modders and pre-selected contestants based from an online application, while the Open Class is where anyone can participate with a pre-built system. It’s not required to build a unique system from scratch for this competition, but some alterations has to be made to the pre-built system.


Signups for Open Class

Meet & Greet Hall C

Sun, 16 Jun

Master Class display

Meet & Greet Hall C

Sun, 16 Jun

Contestants ready

Activity Stage Hall D

Mon, 17 Jun

Championship Finals

Activity Stage Hall D

Mon, 17 Jun

Registration & display

On Sunday the contestants from the Master Class will display their systems and mingle in the Meet & Greet Hall C area. At the same time we host evaluation, qualifications, registration and judging for the Open Class. The time window for registration in Open Class is 120 min.

Master Class

For the modding elite

  • Entries will be collected via an online application (signup link below).
  • Selected contestants will then be invited to the competition at DreamHack Summer.

1st – 8 000 SEK, Ticket to DreamHack Winter 2019 (travel not included)

2nd – 6 000 SEK, Ticket to DreamHack Winter 2019 (travel not included)

3rd – 5 000 SEK, Ticket to DreamHack Winter 2019 (travel not included)

Open Class

Open to Everyone

  • “Walk-in” contestants can get their cases and mods reviewed by judges and selected to compete with their cases in the Meet & Greet hall C.
  • Judges and representatives from DreamHack will be present and decide who advances to the finals.
  • Contestants from the Master Class can’t participate in the Open Class.

1st – 4 000 SEK

2nd – 3 000 SEK

3rd – 2 000 SEK



Andreas Fredholm


Case Mod Master class winner with great experience in judging previous editions of the Case Mod Competition at DreamHack


Daniel Fagerström


Winner of the DHW18 edition of the Case Mod Championship


Justin Ohlsen



Long time professional modder with a great track record in the Case Mod Championship

Judging Assessments

Overall design

The general perception of the creation. Including color, materials, hardware exposure, theme etc.

Attention to detail

How well each detail of the mod is taken into consideration in the perspective of the whole mod

Quality of craftsmanship

How well the craftsmanship is carried out. Quality of paint job, polish, bending of steel, sleeving etc.


Degree of innovation in the whole creation. Example: Uniqueness, usage of materials in new ways, ways the hardware is exposed etc.

Use of hardware (not performance)

Evaluation of the selection of hardware. Example. type of system & components combined, Type of components: reference, partner, aftermarket or custom components, etc.


How well the system as a whole would work in a practical setting. Example: accessibility, fan filters, change water in loop, size and shape etc.

Bonus Categories

  • Most Creative/Unique
  • Best Theme & Color
  • Best Sleeving/Cable Management
  • Best Use of Space
  • Best Cooling Solution
  • Best Scratch Build
  • Best Original Design
  • Best Build Quality
  • Best Lighting

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