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Game Pitch Championship will take place on the Activity Stage on Sunday, 16 Jun, with Round 1 at 10:00 CEST, and the Finals at 14:15 CEST.


In the first round of the competition, you’ll present and be critiqued by our panel of judges followed by a mentoring session. You’ll receive expert feedback on how to get investors and publishers interested. In a second round, you’ll pitch again but this time in front of a live audience and for a prize!

List of Selected Devs

Speed Limit


Hexland Heroes

Niebla Games

Apsulov: End of God

Angry Demon Studio AB


Once a Bird


Fireart Games


Shatterplay Studio


sleepy turtles

Vagrus – The Riven Realm

Lost Pilgrims Studio

Jump King

Jump King

JUDGES & Emcee

Jasmine Idun Isdrake

CEO / Creative Director
Playcentric Studios

Creative director in games, film and events/stage shows, covering game culture from archaeology and design, to esports and cyborg interfaces, both indie and AAA.

Also founder of the game innovation lab Collaboratory and guest lecturer in innovation management, entrepreneurship, game design and digital culture at schools like Chalmers, Hyper Island, Berghs and Future games.

Henrik Jonsson

Executive Producer
Goodbye Kansas Game Invest

Henrik has spent the last 20 years programming games and graphics, shipping 3 AAA games and several smaller games. Currently he is working with Goodbye Kansas Game Invest to help smaller developers succeed in the sometimes difficult world of games. He cares more about game developers than about games.

Johan Toresson

Chief Say That Again Officer
Raw Fury

CSTAO @ Raw Fury
Member of the Board @ [Redacted]

Business Developer/COO at the Gameport Incubator.
Founder of the Creative Coast Festival.
Member of the Board @ Game Habitat
Member of the Board @ Forgotten Key

Justin Burnham

Global Creative Director


16 years of professional experience in various hands-on leadership roles in operations, project management, and business development. 32 years of experience in being a gamer (video games and tabletop) and comic fan!

Quick Facts About Entering

The full rules are available on the entry form, but this is some basic info to get you started.

Deadline is Friday, April 12th, 2019

Selection Process

The DreamHack Staff reviews all of the game pitches submitted and considers them based on the materials entered. These materials will be reviewed ONLY by our most qualified DreamHack staff with game industry experience that applies. There are no entry fees.


You must be an independent developer to enter with minimal resources to complete the game (examples of this are small teams, minimal funding, etc.). You must have all the materials to present your game at your given time. The game must be your original work. You may enter only one title. If an individual, you must be at least 18 years old.


You will receive invaluable information on how to properly pitch your game and come prepared to a meeting. You’ll have the chance to win the title of “Best Game Pitch” (which investors and publishers will appreciate) and 22,000 SEK in prize money with a trophy. Your game will be promoted on our site and social channels. Each team representing the game will receive 2 complimentary DreamHack 3-Day tickets to the event.

For any questions regarding the Game Pitch Championship, contact


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