Open Air Activities

OPENING HOURS: 10:00-01:00


Summertime in Sweden is unbeatable — blue sky, crisp summer air, and sunshine. In our open air zone you can stretch your legs and enjoy the following activities. These are available to all ticket holders!


Think you have good aim? Grab a couple of friends or to join in with a new group of people! It’s easy to learn the gameplay basics, but truly dominating this fast-paced shooting game takes practice and strategy.


A large obstacle course that is blown-up with air, so don’t worry if your ninja skills let you down.

sumo football

Regular football in sumo costumes. Enough said!

wrecking ball

Strike down your opponents from their vantage points using a hanging demolition ball (filled with super cushy air).

arcane game

The Arcane Game is a puzzle hunt style competition where you and your friends are presented with a wide range of riddles and task.



Tickets cost more when purchased at the door.

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