stream studio

Watching streamers has put us closer to not only the triumphs, but the sometimes comical and other times heartwarming moments of our fellow players’ lives. We want you to enjoy those amazing seconds from the other side of the screen as they stream live in the middle of our expo.

Stream Studio Hours
Aug 6 - 8: 10:00 - 20:00


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What we'll do for you on our website and social

  • Promotion through social media channels and website
  • One time shout-out on our social media channels
  • Access to the content streamer discord server
  • Access to promotions and discounts for fans


What we'll do for you on-site

  • 2 Tickets for the show, 1 special guest and 1 3-day pass for a guest
  • Special on-site giveaways and promotion at the show