DreamHack has always been a home of creativity and passion, with activities such as modding, programming and music & graphic design. The Casemod Championship competition is a part of that tradition, and just like DHW17, DreamHack will once again host competitions. In the 2018 edition of our popular Case mod Championship, we want to encourage the growth on a community level and also encourage the non-professional modders and creators.

Case-mod competition with two different classes. One Master Class with invited modders and pre-selected contestants based from an online application, and one Open Class where visitors at the event can participate.

Judging assessments
Overall design
Quality of craftmanship
Use of hardware (not performance)
Aesthetics of cabling

Classes & Categories

The Master Class

The Open Class
The contestants for this competition will be, entry’s that’s collected via an on-line applications made in advance. The selected contestants will then be invited to the competition at DreamHack Summer 2018.


On sunday (day 2) between specific times, “walk-on” contestants can get their cases and mods reviewed by judges and selected to compete with their chassis. This will be held in the Fan Zone in lobby south. Judges and representatives from DreamHack will be present and decide who advances to the finals. 

Contestants from the Master Class can’t participate in the Open Class.


7,000 SEK + Ticket to DHW18
3,000 SEK + Ticket to DHW18
5,000 SEK + Ticket to DHW18
2,000 SEK + Ticket to DHW18
3,000 SEK + Ticket to DHW18
1,000 SEK + Ticket to DHW18

Bonus Categories
A pool of categories that will be distributed between the contestants based on the overall variety and relevance in the submitted entries.
  • Most Creative/unique
  • Best theme & color
  • Best sleeving/cable management
  • Best Compacy/SFF
  • Best Cooling solution
  • Best original design
  • Best scratch-build
  • Best build quality
  • More to be added...

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