Creator hub

Creator Hub at DreamHack Summer

DreamHack has offered content creators the opportunity to stream live from our Stream Studio over the years, but this year we are taking the concept to the next level and are offering creators an opportunity to further interact with their community, create unique content, and much more in our new Creator Hub, where you will bring your community to life.

WHAT can you do
at the Creator hub?

Stream Studio

Stream Studio is a setup of 20 stations facing the visitors on DreamHack Summer, where Creators can make Live Content on platforms like Twitch, Facebook or Youtube from computers made for Live Streaming.

IRL Streaming Backpacks

Creating a unique view of the event where the online audience can follow along as the Creators investigate and take part in activities around Dreamhack Summer. The backpacks allow for easy integration between Creators and DreamHacks’ own social media platforms, such as; Tiktok, Snapchat, Twitch, or Instagram.

Creator Lounge

To make sure that the Creators are well prepared for their activities around the event we host a private Lounge where Creators can sit down, and network with other Creators as they take care of their needs with some snacks or soft drinks.

The Arena

The Arena is a big playground where creators can be active with their communities and the festival visitors, challenging their or other communities across a range of IRL activities and sports. Join a game of Dodgeball, or play a game of “Red Light, Green Light” together with visitors or creators.

Meet & Greet

The Meet & Greet stage is where Creators meet their biggest fans as they can shake their hands, take photos together or challenge each other for example in a game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors”.

Game Shows

Game Shows are where visitors can see creators compete against each other in engaging game concepts, influenced by board games and bigger TV shows around the world; Our goal is to make a unique setup where creators can create content and showcase their personalities and get live reactions from the audience at the festival.

Creator Hub

incentive program

We are also happy to introduce our new Incentive Program, with prizes including a paid trip (travel + hotel) to a DreamHack Festival of your own choice together with a friend. When you sign up and get accepted as a creator, you automatically reach the baseline, including your badge and more. Everyone who signs up before the 31st of March will get a personalized Incentive Program, with your name printed on the Badge and on possible Prizes.

Early Sign up*

*Deadline March 31

Normal sign up