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At DreamHack Summer, you have the opportunity to participate in the exciting Creator Showdown, which consists of a series of competitions involving Team Blue, Red, and Green.


Creator Showdown is a series of competitions between Team Blue, Red & Green, that you as a visitor to DreamHack can compete in! Each team will be captained by a creator from our Creator Hub.

There are 4 competitions in total, and you as a visitor are around when a competition takes place, you can be drafted into a team by the captain for that particular challenge!

In the end, one team will come out on top, and will win the honorable prize of donating 25.000 SEK to Save the Children in their team captain’s name!


Blind folded Fighting games

The captains become the eyes of the invited guest from Audience, coaching them to victory (or ring out) in a blind folded Tekken 7 tournament! 

The team with most won matches advances to the final

Work as Round Robin so all team members plays against each other 

When: Saturday, June 17th – 15:30 CEST
Where: LAN Tournament stage

Will it Ace (CS:GO) & What happens next

‘Will it Ace’ demonstrates game combos in CS:GO, and the team must guess whether the combo aces, or doesn’t ace. Vote by standing on the yes/no sides of the stage.

‘What happens next’ demonstrates a home movie or clip from YouTube. The Team must guess what happens next in the clip by voting using the same two answer system as ‘will it kill’; Vote by standing on the sides of the stage, host will define which answer is what side.

Team with the most correct answer on each challenge will win!

When: Saturday, June 17th – 18:00 CEST
Where: LAN Tournament stage

Painting challenge

Attaching a brush on a long stick/broom handle, and painting on a distance of 2 meters from the canvas.

Theme will be given to the competitors at stage, and they then have to draw as accurate as possible.

I.e. Mickey Mouse, DreamHack logo etc.

Each team member has 3 minutes to complete their masterpiece. 

Jury made of 3 invited guests decides the points by a 1-5 system on each painting deciding how close to the original art it is. 

The team with the most points from judges wins

When: Sunday, June 18th – 15:00 CEST
Where: Mainstage

Pantyhose Bowling & Ball in bucket

‘Pantyhose Bowling’ is that the player should knock down all of their 5 water bottles that’s lined up in front of them before their opponent. The trick is that the ball they are using is in a ladies’ stocking…. and that stocking is on their head. 1 per team will meet each other 1 at a time, and set a time it takes to knockdown all bottles. (combined time of each team will determine the winner)

‘Move the ball into the bucket’ is a challenge in teamwork, as the teams separate into pairs of 2 in each team. They will with two paper plates move a paper ball from their start position into a bucket by sending it forward and backward between each other. 

The team with most paper balls in the bucket after 5 min will win

When: Sunday, June 18th – 17:00 CEST
Where: Mainstage




Team Captain



Scoring system

Win condition

The team with the most points after the final challenge wins the Creator Showdown

Scoring system:
1st place: 20 pts
2nd place: 15 pts
3rd place: 10 pts

For the final, each challenge is going to be double points!


Creator showdown
Activities Schedule

All times are subject to change
Schedule times are local

Saturday, June 17 - LAN stage

15:30-16:30Blindfolded Fighting Games

18:00-19:00Will it kill (CS:GO) + What happens next (non gaming)

Sunday, June 18 - Main stage

15:00-16:00Painting Challenge

17:00-18:00 finalPantyhose bowling and Move the ball into the bucket