Day attendees: June 14 – 16
LAN attendees: June 14 – 17

Esports World Cup:

EA FC24 Summer Qualifier

Esports World Cup: EA FC24 is coming to DreamHack Summer! Compete in the Qualifier on Swedish soil for a chance to join the best of the best this August in Riyadh for the Esports World Cup. The top six players from DreamHack Summer will qualify for the Esports World Cup.

$100,000 up for grabs!

Qualify for the Esports World Cup

Earn your spot

Compete for $100,000 and a spot at the Esports World Cup

Experience three days of fierce competition for six spots at the Esports World Cup. On top of that, battle it out for a share of the $100,000 prize pool at stake at DreamHack Summer. 

Whether you are just starting or a seasoned competitor, this qualifier provides an excellent opportunity for you to build a name for yourself and break onto the scene!


Make your way to the Playoffs

The tournament spans across three days of competition. For the Main Round throughout Friday and Saturday, all players are divided into four qualification groups. In each qualification group, players battle it out in double elimination brackets. Only 16 players will advance to the final stage on Sunday: Playoffs

All matches are played best of 1 and with 9 minute halves.


Catch how the EWC ft. EA FC24 DreamHack Summer Qualifier Grand Final kicks off on the main stage on Sunday at 17:00! 

The two best players out of the 512 competitors will be taking each other on to take the trophy and $25,000 winner’s prize money home with them on top of having qualified for the Esports World Cup this Summer!


Main Round - Group 1 & 2

Group 1: Morning
Group 2: Afternoon


Main Round - Group 3 & 4

Group 3: Morning
Group 4: Afternoon



Playoffs: 11:30AM – 5:00PM


Subject to change

Friday: 3:15PM – 11:15PM
Saturday: 12: 3:15PM – 11:15PM
Sunday: 11:30AM – 5:00PM

Prize Pool


Prize pool of $100,000 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

How to participate

All participants must buy a 3-Day Badge and add the EA FC24 add-on.

Players must be 16 years of age or older to participate. Residents of Russia and Belarus are not allowed to participate.

After purchasing an eligible 3-day ticket and the EA FC24 EWC Qualifier Add-on you will need to register via the tournament registration form linked at the top of this page.

You can find the registration form here.

512 spots are available at EWC: EA FC24 Summer Qualifier.

The top 6 players from Summer Qualifier and the top 2 players from Dallas Qualifier will qualify for the Esports World Cup.

Each EWC: EA FC24 Qualifier will have a prize pool of $100.000.

You require an eligible ticket for entrance to DreamHack Summer, as well as the EA FC24 EWC Add-on.

You can purchase the add-on in combination with any of our 3 day badges. 

This includes the following badges: 

  • 3 day ticket
  • 3 day group ticket

The EA FC24 EWC Qualifier add-on is 200 SEK.

If you have already purchased a 3 day ticket or 3 day group ticket, you can purchase the add-on on top of your eligible 3-day ticket via this link.

You can compete in both EA FC24 EWC Qualifiers. If you happen to secure your qualification to the Esports World Cup at the DreamHack Dallas EA FC24 EWC Qualifier you can still compete in the DreamHack Summer EA FC24 EWC Qualifier. You’d then be competing for prize pool money, and not a qualification spot. If you do win a spot, it’ll be given to the next eligible player.

At the festival

Accommodation is solely the responsibility of the player.

Food & drinks is the responsibility of the players, none will be provided, but can be bought all throughout the DreamHack Festival.

No practice area will be available before or during the Qualifier.

No, PlayStation 5s are provided by organizer.

Yes, playing with headset or headphones is allowed.

Yes, bringing your own controller is allowed. Controllers are provided if needed.

Please note: Controller converters are not allowed and will not be provided.

Tournament facts

Full ruleset & format will be available at a later date on this webpage.

There will be a total of four qualification groups across Friday and Saturday. Each participant will only be a part of one of these groups. All qualified from each group (4 each group / 16 total) will play Sunday. In the form, it’s possible to submit your preference on starting time, although there are no guarantees.

EA FC24 Ultimate Team on PlayStation 5.

Double-elimination. Best-of 1. 9 minute halves.

No, “Super-accounts” with all Ultimate Team items available will be provided.

Providing your PSN ensures that we give each player an identity for the tournament, and ensures that we have the same naming convention throughout the entirety of play.

No, the tournament will follow the FC PRO rules, and these formations will not be allowed.

Camera-settings should always be either Tele-Broadcast or Co-op. Any custom settings or alternate cameras are not allowed.

Match-schedule & opponents will be announced prior to the tournaments.

FAQ subject to change


To compete at EWC: EA FC24 Summer Qualifier you will need to purchase a ticket.

You must buy a 3-Day Ticket and importantly: you must add the EA FC24 add-on at checkout.
Just 512 spots available – get ready to purchase your ticket!

Ticket sales goes live Friday, April 12 at 6PM CEST


3 day

daily access to the festival - covers all 3 days

Come join us for all 3 days while we entertain you with tons of activities! No need to bring a computer or console, just come have fun – we’ll provide the activities!

Ticket Details

3-Day Ticket includes

- Access to all non-LAN activities at the festival

- Excludes LAN area access

Last Chance

549 SEK

Door Price

599 SEK

3 day


a group badge for you and your friends

Come join us for all 3 days while we entertain you with tons of activities! From 3-8 people, this ticket gets you a cheeky 10% per person – sweet!

Ticket Details

3-Day Pass includes

Bring the squad with you! From 3-8 people this badge gives a 10% discount per person.

- Access to all non-LAN activities at the festival

- Excludes LAN area access

Last Chance
Starting from

1482 SEK

Door Price​
Starting from

1617 SEK

3 day


bring your kids with you

Children under 5 come for free, but children 5-16 come at a significant discount with this ticket!

Ticket Details

3-Day Family Pass Includes

Children under 5 come for free, but children 5-16 come at a significant discount with this ticket!

The options available for you are:

  • 1x Adult, 1x Child
  • 1x Adult, 2x Child
  • 1x Adult, 3x Child
  • 1x Adult, 4x Child
  • 1x Adult, 5x Child
  • 2x Adult, 1x Child
  • 2x Adult, 2x Child
  • 2x Adult, 3x Child
  • 2x Adult, 4x Child
  • 2x Adult, 5x Child
  • 2x Adult, 6x Child

- Access to all non-LAN activities at the festival

- Excludes LAN area access

Last Chance
Starting from

1029 SEK

Door Price​
Starting from

1079 SEK