45What is DreamHack?

DreamHack is the world’s largest digital festival. DreamHack’s core and origin is the LAN party. The events are a platform for esports, knowledge and creative competitions, music acts, lectures by game developers, Internet and game culture, cosplay, the fair DreamExpo and much more. DreamHack Summer 2018 is open for all ages but may contain content like tournaments, exhibitors and partners showing games and other material not suitable for all ages. 

General Information  

DreamHack Summer 16th - 19th of June
Location: Elmia Fair, Elmiavägen 11, 554 54 Jönköping Sweden (Map)

Registration: Elmia Main Entrance, Lobby Syd (Map)

Doors open: 08:00, 16th of June  
Opening ceremony: 23:45, 16th of June  
The network goes down: 08:00, 19th of June  
The electricity goes down: 09:00, 19th of June  
All participants must be out of the Elmia Fair: 10:00, 19th of June  

DreamHack History  

DreamHack is the world’s largest digital festival, a meeting place for gamers, with major events hosted each year in Europe and North America. Founded in 1994, DreamHack’s core has always been the LAN party where attendees bring their computer from home and set up for 3 straight days of gaming. DreamHack’s festivals have grown organically over time, becoming a platform for esports, Internet and gaming culture, intellectual and creative competitions, live music acts, lectures by industry experts, celebrity content creators, cosplayers, expo hall and much more. 

DreamHack is also a production company, creating content focused on gaming, esports, music and arena events, for both traditional Television and digital content networks. In 2017, DreamHack welcomed more than 250,000 visitors to its live events and its online esports broadcasts received more than 375 million views. More information is available at dreamhack.com. DreamHack is part of leading international digital entertainment group MTG. More information at mtg.com.

Key Facts and Numbers  

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