Day attendees: June 14 – 16
LAN attendees: June 14 – 17


A Dreamy
Walk across

What was Jönköping before Dreamhack entered the city? What was here before LAN, lasers and esport? During this walk we get to know DreamHack and the city of DreamHack better. 

Read and presented by Martin Randahl Edsman

"Pizzeria Alcamo in Jönköping has Swedens best Kebabpizza. They had to hire two or three pizza bakers after the anouncement in my show Uppdrag: Mat 2018."
Mustiga Mauri
Uppdrag Mat

Jönköping and DreamHack are engaged into creating Jönköping – City Of DreamHack. An initiative to broaden the festival from Elmia down to the city center. With grand visions of welcoming DreamHackers 365 days a year to different activities, stores, bars, and schools with the heartbeat of DreamHack. 

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