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From Cosplay to Music to any sort of other wacky fun activity throughout the day and of course, a grand opening ceremony as you could have grown used to from us. The Main Stage will be a centerpiece where you will be able to catch a glimpse of your favorite creators, the case mod finale, and many more things!

WHAT can you do
at the Main Stage?


As you could have grown used to, at our festivals we bring some great artists to perform on the main stage! This year we are bringing  a familiar name like Altego, but also other artists like Primeshock and Rebecca & Fiona!

We will be hosting acts all weekend and you won’t want to miss any of them, check out the full music page to find out more about what acts you can see when!

Live music happening at a previous DreamHack festival where there is smoke firing up from the main stage with a cheering crowd in front


The finals of the cosplay championship will be held live on the main stage! Watch all the incredibly talented cosplayers show off their craft. They’ll be ranging from novice, to pro, so there will be something for everyone! 



The opening ceremony has always been a big activity at our festivals in Jönköping and you will be able to catch it this time again! Make sure to be there on time as it’ll be jammed packed and we wouldn’t want you to miss out!


Plenty of times throughout the day we are hosting giveaways on the main stage; free merch for example! Be sure to pop by from time to time and maybe you get lucky and catch something nice!

Make sure to lock it into your App’s schedule so you don’t miss a beat!



With Creator’s being a center piece of the expo floor, we also bring some of our creators on the main stage to host and do fun activities, catch some of them doing all sorts of stuff on the main stage throughout the day!