DreamHack SummerNewsJoin us as CREW!

Join us as CREW!

Have you ever wanted to be a part of creating the most amazing show around? Here’s your chance! DreamHack Crew has been around for over 20 years and is a tight-knit community of volunteers who gather for each event to have fun, learn new skills, and be part of one of the best communities in the world. DreamHack Crew members are the true champions of the festival experience – making it possible to host our world class events.

Crew are an integral part of creating our esport tournaments, stream studio, our large BYOC LANs, main stage and much more. DreamHack Crew teams are also responsible for planning fun on-site activities for our attendees, most of the things that make each DreamHack event unique and fun are determined by Crew.

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The Crew Teams


You don’t need to have a specific set of skills to join DreamHack Crew. There’s a team for everyone, whether you want to learn something new or immerse yourself in your profession.


We make DreamHack fun! We run attendee engagement and tons of other activities!


Arcane Games

We run the puzzle challenge known as Arcane Games, exclusive to Swedish DreamHack festivals!


Construction and Event Support

We are the lifeblood of the show! Construction will handle build up of the LAN, whilst Event Support will handle some more more complicated and time sensitive tasks like studio build up.



We focus in making sure that cosplayers that visit DreamHack will have a great experience.



We digitally document DreamHack through photography and videography.


Crew Care

We take care of the most important people at the show... the Crew!



We run the DreamHack merch store! If you enjoy interacting with customers and organizing merchandise, this is the team for you! 



We help run the esports stages and tournaments.



Our main task is to be the point of incoming and outgoing goods (can be everything from artists to 30kg of candy)!


Premium Services

We operate the 20+ and 20+ Plus area with a focus on giving every participant the greatest experience!


Security and Medic

We focus on the security and well-being of all attendees! Tasks include wristband control, crowd management, securing zones, and more.



We run the audio, video, and lights for the Main Stage.


Stream Studio

Know your way around an OBS scene, stream deck, and audio mixers? We assist streamers in setting up their stream and with issues that arise. 



We are dedicated to helping the visitors, gamers and exhibitors with a variety of questions. It can be technical issues or information about the event.



We are the team that designs, implements, operates and decommissions the network and power at DreamHack.


Visit DH Entrance

We are the first faces that the attendees will meet when entering DreamHack!