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FAQ for Parents

Are you bringing your child to Dreamhack or are they attending on their own? Do you have questions about logistics, or how to keep the kids safe, well fed and rested at the venue? We hope some of your questions can be answered here!


There are around 5000 parking spaces around the venue, which can be paid for through card payment in parking meters in the area or through the EasyPark app. The fee is 100 kr per day during the event.

Apart from hotels of which there are plenty, Festival pass (3-day) and LAN ticket holders will have access to a sleeping hall during the event, where you can use an air mattress, sleeping bag or similar to rest for free. The hall is located at Racketcentrum, adjacent to the event venue.

Note: *Leaving belongings in the sleeping hall is not permitted, and left items will be removed to make room for new sleepers.

If you would rather camp out for the event, you can bring either a tent or a caravan to our designated camping site outside the venue.

Our festival and LAN is open to people of all ages. Persons under the age of 18 are recommended, but not required, to be in the company of a guardian or parent, as some content might not be suitable for an underage audience.

Yes. The event is open all hours of the day from the time of the event opening until event closing time, meaning all hours of the day and night. As the event is open around the clock, it is also staffed around the clock, including security personnel patrolling the venue, and at relevant stations like the entrance, showers and sleeping hall amongst others.

Yes. Located in the D-hall are several changing rooms with showers available for participants to use, guarded by security crew.

There are several restaurants and kiosks available around the venue that offer a variety of meals, you will be able to find the options and their schedule on the website or on the app during the event.

No. We believe that a gaming festival should be free of all kinds of drugs or alcohol, as it should be a space safe for all ages. 

No, some areas and content are exclusive to certain ticket types. For example, you can not enter the LAN without a LAN ticket, or the Premium LAN area (hall C) without a Premium LAN or Premium LAN 20+ ticket (not even for a short while), whilst a Premium ticket holder can enter all areas open to participants.

Each ticket at the ticket sales site has a description of what areas and content are included with them, and the Tournament page shows which ticket types are needed to enter the different competitions.

DreamHack is more than gaming

At DreamHack there are lots of activities that are popular amongst both children and their parents. Whether it’s playing Simons Says (Följa John) with the YouTubers Tomu & Yumi, playing with Nerf Guns in the Battle Zone, or playing with Lego in the Builder Zone, you won’t have to worry about you or your child running out of things to do.

You can find all of the activities menu at the top of the website.