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10 things for a better LAN


How to improve your LAN experience

1. Security

LAN Seats are open for LAN visitors only, this is to ensure that nothing gets stolen and the safety of your stay in our wonderful LAN.

*Festival pass holders are granted access accompanied by. a LAN pass-holder

**kids can escort parents with a day pass to their seat

2. Branded rows 

All around the regular LAN seats we have a bunch of branded rows where our amazing partners give away various items. You just have to choose the one you desire in our Seatmap.

3. Support

The best support for the best visitor is back in full force. Located in hall D. We offer free PC support for all visitors to make sure your LAN runs smoothly.

4. Main stage

Changed location, all the same, the as you’re used to. A mix of performance, gaming, giveaways, casual activities, LAN finals. Not to mention the opening ceremony.

5. Premium is even better

Looking for a zen zone to game? Welcome to Hall C. A closed LAN party to cater to our premium audience.

2 meals a day 
– 2 sodas a day
– 1 Monster a day
– an exclusive premium gift included

6. Wider seats

Want more space for your peripherals? No worries, now we have even wider seats in Hall D that you can enjoy.

7. Full EXPO

At DreamHack Summer you can expect to be able to try out new gear, buy cool trinkets, test out demos, talk to developers, learn more about gaming initiatives, and much more.

8. Esports galore

We’ll be bringing you more of what you love to watch. We have CS:GO and Hearthstone filling our stages at the moment, and more to come! 

9. Compete

Valorant? CS:GO? Rocket Leauge? Choose your game, gather your friends, and win in all of our LAN tournaments.

10. Food

We’ve heard you want some quality food for DreamHack Summer and we have heard you! Have a look at our menu and look at the option to buy a food card for only 999:- SEK

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