Day attendees: June 14 – 16
LAN attendees: June 14 – 17

DreamHack Updates

Bag Ban Information for DreamHack Summer

Below you’ll be able to find our extensive FAQ regarding the national bag ban.

We also have an extensive FAQ page for you to check out with other frequently asked questions.


The Swedish Police has provided updated rules and regulations concerning the national bag ban, applicable to DreamHack Summer. You can find below a list of answers to questions you may have.


You are NOT allowed to bring any bag to the venue if you have any of the following ticket types:

  • 3 Day Ticket
  • 3 Day Group Ticket
  • 3 Day Family Ticket
  • Friday Ticket
  • Friday Family Ticket
  • Saturday Ticket
  • Saturday Family Ticket
  • Sunday Ticket
  • Sunday Family Ticket

If you are competing in the following tournaments (be it player, coach, manager, etc), you are allowed to bring a bag for your equipment: 

  • EWC EA FC24 (need pre-purchased add-on)
  • EWC Tekken 8 (need to be pre registered for tournament)
  • EWC Street Fighter 6 (need to be pre registered for tournament)

Without the applicable add-on or pre registration you will be denied entry to the event if you attempt to enter with a bag. As a competitor in these tournaments you pick up your credentials and enter through the Lobby North entrance at Elmia. 

If you are part of our Cosplay Competition or part of our Creator Hub, you will have access to bring bags with you into the festival, but you must have the correct ticket with you to do so. Please speak to your respective area owner and they will provide you with more information.

No, you cannot. All bags or holders, outside of diaper bags and medical bags, are not allowed.

Our ruling on what is and what isn’t a bag is final. Please be respectful towards registration personnel if they deem an item that is not allowed in the venue.

DreamHack Summer offers no available wardrobe storage solutions. You cannot bring any bags to the venue.

No. Only LAN tickets are applicable for sleeping hall access.

If you were given a bag inside the venue you are allowed to keep that bag. But if you leave with the bag, you will not be able to return inside with the bag again. It must be left outside the venue.

No. Only LAN tickets holders are allowed in the LAN areas.

Yes but you cannot bring it into the festival inside a bag. 

You are able to visit your children from Friday to Sunday in the LAN when you pick up a parent bracelet from registration. 


You are ALLOWED to bring bags with you to the venue if you have the following ticket types:

  • LAN
  • Premium LAN
  • Quiet LAN
  • Legendary LAN


You enter with your bag through Lobby South / Syd. 

You will be able to perform car drop offs outside Hall D on Friday, June 14 between 10:00 – 14:00 CEST.

The same entrance as other visitors via Lobby Syd (Lobby South).

Yes. There will be checks by our security detail at Lobby Syd/South.

No. They will not be able to bring any of their bags inside. They can help carry your computer or equipment, but not be able to bring their own bag in with them.

Yes, LAN attendees will have access to the sleeping hall in Hall A of the festival.

No. You must bring all your items from the sleeping hall to your seat each day.


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