Day attendees: June 14 – 16
LAN attendees: June 14 – 17

DreamHack Updates

DreamHack Award Show Reveal

what are the awards for?

The awards are a way for us at DreamHack to offer recognition and connect with the diverse communities present at the festival. They celebrate individuals within the community who have made extra efforts to draw attention to or participate in the festival that we all love so dearly.

Best DreamHack Moment

Category: Community

Everyone at DreamHack Summer gets the opportunity to post a picture on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #DHSummer. The top 5 most creative or happiest pictures will then be brought to a jury of 3 people from EFG who then decides on a winner.

Prize: Trophy + 5000 SEK, Presented with a cheque.
How to sign up: Use the “#DHSummer”on social media and we will reach out to the nominees on Saturday night of the festival.

Best LAN PC Setup

Category: Community

The three best setups in any of the LAN areas will be selected to be in the running for this award. The winner is then decided by a jury of 3 people from DreamHack & Fractal Design.

Partner: Fractal Design
Prize: Trophy + 15.000 SEK, and presented with a cheque
How to sign up: You can sign up at the LAN Booth when the festival is live.

BEST Selling Cosplayer

Category: Cosplay

The best selling cosplayer that is part of the incentive program for cosplayers will win this award.

Prize: 5000 SEK, and presented with a cheque


Category: Creators

The best selling creator that is part of the incentive program for creators will win this award.

Prize: 5000 SEK, and presented with a cheque

Best Pre-Festival Hype

Category: Creators

Get ready to unleash your creativity at DreamHack Summer! We’re always amazed by your innovative ideas, and this year, we’re on the lookout for the most HYPED Creator who generates maximum excitement for #DHSummer even before it kicks off.
Use a hashtag for us to follow, for example, #DHSummer and #DHGG in combination with each other. We will follow the creators’ Pre-event Hype and determine who has brought the most hype to DreamHack Summer before the show has even kicked off.

Partner: Gymgrossisten
Prize: Trophy and 5000 SEK, presented with a cheque + 1 year of own brand nutrition you select from Gymgrossitsten.

Most Unique Creator Activation

Category: Creators

Experience the unforgettable at DreamHack, where creativity meets fun! Showcase your innovative activities as a creator you can do with your community at DreamHack Summer in the Creator Hub and stand a chance to win recognition for your creativity.

Partner: Xbox Game Pass 
How to sign up: Scheduled Stream Studio, Meet & Greet, and Arena Activities.
Measurements: Audience participation/involvement, and creativity
Prize: Trophy + Prizes from Xbox

Other Patch Note updates

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DreamHack Award Show Reveal