Day attendees: June 14 – 16
LAN attendees: June 14 – 17

DreamHack Updates

More upgrades to the LAN!


We have worked hard behind the scenes to make our LAN even better! As some of the sharp-eyed among you might have seen already, we have added 8 more tournaments to the LAN for which you can sign up at the LAN Admin desk.

On top of the tournaments, the outdoor activities and indoor activities we recently released the Upgraded Rows which you read up on här. To make even more rows even better – we are upgrading the Game Rows where you can be seated with more LAN-goers who are specifically interested in CS2, LoL, Valorant and OW2. You might be asking yourself how these will be upgraded?! 


For each row we are giving away one 1,000 SEK Elgiganten Gift Card per day.

overwatch 2

Everyone seated in the OverWatch 2 row will receive a Blizzard Series 4 Blind Badge Booster 4-Pack Bundle as well as a discount of 25% off FACEIT League Subscription’ for OW2.


Everyone seated in the Valorant row will receive a Valorant gift card worth 90 SEK.


You will be receiving a ESL Counter-Strike 2 Mousepad and 25% off ESEA Subscription’.

League of Legends

Everyone seated in the League of Legends row will receive a League of Legends gift card worth 90 SEK.

If you have not yet selected your seat on the LAN Seatmap, make sure to do so and choose your spot for some nice extra goodies at DreamHack Summer.

Some of the other initiatives we have introduced for this year’s DreamHack Summer LAN are more fun tournaments with games everyone can get into. Earlier this year we opened sign-ups for Community Casters and we are super excited to host them at DreamHack Summer to commentate on some of our various tournaments. 

One of the biggest chances we have looked to make is introducing the LAN After Hours activities! All throughout the night you will be able to do various things such as Sack Hopping, Building the highest tower in the shortest time, Baby Food Challenges and much more! 

If you haven’t yet secured your ticket to the DreamHack Summer LAN, make sure to not miss out! 

Other Patch Note updates

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More upgrades to the LAN!
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