Day attendees: June 14 – 16
LAN attendees: June 14 – 17

Creator Hub

Join DreamHack's Creator Hub!

Connect with fans, work with cool creators and brands, and take your online content to the next level. 
It’s gonna be unforgettable, career-boosting, and totally awesome.

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Creator Hub Partners


this is what the creator hub is all about

Stream Studio

Stream Studio is a designated area within the Creator Hub equipped with 20 high-quality computers, with high-quality recording equipment, allowing creators to stream directly from DreamHack to their own platforms.

Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet is a place for Creators to come together with their Community, and create unforgettable interactions as you take photos together, sign autographs, and chat a bit. Gain a glimpse into their personality, and strengthen the connection between creator and fan.

Game Shows

Get ready to see your favorite Creators step off the screen and into the spotlight as they battle it out in a series of crazy games, using their wits, senses, and maybe even a little luck. Who will win? Join the fun, cheer them on, and discover their hidden talents!

Short Content Studio

In our Short Content Studio, we’ve prepared for hilarious challenges, from the classic Jellybean Challenge to the Spicy Dare, and a selection of weird candies and snacks to film when you try.
Our Interview Studio offers a calm environment for in-depth chats among visitors, creators, or communities! Bring your own mobile device and we’ll provide a sturdy tripod and easy-to-connect microphones for crisp interview audio.
This is your chance to collaborate! Shoot dance videos with your friends, or join our creators from the Creator Hub.

Creator Arena

The Creator Arena is where unique and engaging content is made. Something that goes beyond the computer screens. Meet and play with your favorite creators, or just bring your friends to play an unforgettable game.

Join us in this playground of fun where we host unforgettable challenges that blend classic sports with creative twists. Fun and wacky rules can be added to even the playing field, like requiring players to walk on all fours or only allowing them to push the ball with a bandy stick.

Thank you for signing up, see you at DreamHack Summer!

Summer creators

The DreamHack Summer Creator Hub presents an opportunity to witness awesome Creators, making it an event that promises to leave you inspired and amazed!

Incentive program

We appreciate your work, and that’s why we celebrate creators for their participation in DreamHack with cool rewards. Score afterparty invites, discounts, tech gear, meals, festival tickets, limited hoodies, collectible cards, shop credit, hotel stays, & a GRAND PRIZE! Level up your DreamHack by sharing your personal promo code with your community!

incentive program rewards

Deadline March 13

* After Party tickets only for creators age 18 or older, +1 friend must be registered by email to
** Depending on how quickly you reach the higher goals, the treats may be sent to you after the festival or be for DreamHack Summer 2024 (example hotel room).

Join our

Discord server

Over the past few years, DreamHack’s Creator Hub has become a community for Creators, and we are happy to see that our Discord is the center for this.