LAN:  June 16 – 19 Day: June 16 – 18

Food options (indoors)

/ Falafel

Our chefs prepare our own kebab and falafel with great care and passion! With us, we’ll never be stingy with our wonderful kebab sauce. Yalla Yalla!
FC Gruppen


Pokébowls are a must-have in summer! A perfect mix of rice, avocado, edamame beans, choose your protein: salmon, chicken or tofu.
FC Gruppen

Club Elmia:

Order our classic juicy smashed burger, with mayonnaise, cheese, pickled onions, and freshy made crispy fries.
FC Gruppen

Taco TexMex

A classic Taco buffet is served at Restaurant Vättern! No taco will be the same as you can pick and make your own taco, with all the amenities and sauces available. In other words, the perfect taco!
FC Gruppen

Hot Dog Kiosk

The classic hot dog, fast, easy, and comforting. Choose between grill, cooked, or vegan hot dog with all the amenities. We even have a luxury topping with shrimps if you’re feeling up for it! We recommend the chocolate drink Pucko to pair with.
FC Gruppen

Snack Kiosk

You’ll find this kiosk opposite the restaurant Vättern. You can buy sweets, candy, snacks, sandwiches, and even toast here.
FC Gruppen

Restaurant B&W:
Meal of the Day

You’ll get a different Meal of the Day each day at Restaurant Black & White. (Vegetarian option provided of course)

Pick from our selection of salads, and try out our popular fresh bread that is baked from our own bakery! You can also “fika” here, enjoy a cup of coffee with our freshly baked cookies and pastries.
FC Gruppen

Food options (outdoors)

Thai Food truck

Ice Cream Truck


Steak & Grill Burgers

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All food options INDOORS provided by FC Gruppen: You can see the options above.

At the DreamHack kiosk in Lobby Syd

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