Day attendees: June 14 – 16
LAN attendees: June 14 – 17

Svenska Elitserien
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June 14 – 16, 2024
Elmia, Jönköping, Sverige

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16 participating Teams

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The Elitserien kicks off on March 12th. This season brings forth a revamped schedule and format, tailored in response to feedback from the previous season. The new structure introduces three distinct major divisions.

A total of twelve teams will advance to the playoffs, with eight coming from the upper Swiss division and four from the lower Swiss division.

Just like last season, the upper Swiss division kicks off the season, with 16 teams competing for playoff berths. Using the standard Swiss system, teams need three wins to advance, while accumulating three losses leads to relegation to the lower Swiss division.

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To the 2024 elitserien

The Elitserien is upon us, kicking off on March 12. This iteration introduces three distinct major divisions, marking a significant evolution in the Elitserien’s structure.

participating teams


Anorthosis Famagusta

Curlews ESF

E-Town Gaming

Full kareta


Kappa Bar

Kappa Borr

Kario Mart







Young Gods

8 Team Double Elimination (EU)
4 Team Double Elimination (NA)
4 Team Double Elimination (SA)
4 Team Double Elimination (AS)
All matches Bo3

2 Groups of 4 Teams
GSL Groups
Opening Matches Bo1 (All on Day One)
Winner’s Matches Bo1 (All on Day One)
Group B Elimination match Bo3 (Day One)
Remaining group stage matches Bo3 (Day Two)
Top 4 Teams qualify to Playoffs (Day Three)

4 Teams
Single Elimination Bracket Bo3
Winning Team qualifies to the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 20

Total $100,000
– 1st $50,000
– 2nd $20,000
– 3rd $10,000
– 4th $10,000
– 5th $3,000
– 6th $3,000
– 7th $2,000
– 8th $2,000

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