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Direct Bus to DreamHack

Are you looking forward to LAN, but not the hassle of traveling with all your hardware? Or are you a parent who wants to bring your kid to DreamHack safely, but is not so keen on driving to Elmia, Jönköping? Consider the secure and convenient option with chartered buses from Festivalbussen, too, and from DreamHack Summer.

Festivalbussen offers a wide range of travel options from several cities in Sweden, and also Oslo (Norway) and Copenhagen (Denmark)

Travel by car

European route E4 goes directly to Jönköping from Helsingborg and Stockholm and offers good driving conditions and is almost a continuous motorway all the way. You can travel directly on E4 from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to DreamHack in about four hours.

Travel by Train

SJ offers fast trains that travel between Jönköping and multiple cities in Sweden.


There are 6500 parking spaces directly outside Elmia, please see the Elmia website here for more details on prices and payment methods.

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