UKLCTop newsUKLC returns for Summer 2020 Split

UKLC returns for Summer 2020 Split

With Barclays confirmed as presenting partner, the UKLC 2020 Summer Split will feature eight teams and a £20,000 for teams and players. Additionally, the top two teams of the UKLC will be able to advance to compete in the NLC.

UKLC Summer 2020 details

  • £20,000 awarded to teams and players participating
  • 8 teams, competing double BO1 round-robin
  • 6 invited teams: Demise, Enclave Gaming, Barrage Esports Academy, MnM Gaming Academy, NVision Esports and Munster Rugby Gaming Academy
  • 2 new teams to qualify
  • Seven weeks of league play, (Jun 14 - Jul 27) broadcast live every Sunday and Monday.
  • Semifinals and Grand Final (Aug 2 & Aug 3, respectively)

Qualification Format

With the new Northern European Ecosystem that means that there will be spots for two new teams to enter into the UKLC.

At DreamHack we are firm believers in mobility for teams and new opportunities, so we have created a system or successor to the Forge of Champions to allow new teams to enter the UKLC.

Michael Van Driel, Chief Product Officer at DreamHack AB

In the future there will be a promotion / relegation in the system in the same framework as the NLC. The amount of teams entering / relegating through the UKLC in the future will be set every season depending on teams relegating through the NLC, and being promoted out of the UKLC. The UKLC will always feature eight teams.

Stage 1: Open Qualifiers (Top 3 teams advance to Closed Qualifiers)

  • Participation: Open Signups
  • Dates: Jun 4 - 5
  • Format and Signups: TBA

Stage 2: Closed Qualifiers (Top 2 teams advance to UKLC)

  • Participation: 3 teams from the Open Qualifiers, 5 organization invited via other UK based tournaments
  • 3 slots for the UKEL top 3 teams
  • 1 slot for NSE winner
  • 1 slot for NUEL winner
  • Should any of these organizations not wish to participate or be unable to field a roster, an additional slot will be awarded to the open qualifier
  • Dates: Jun 6 - 7
  • Format: 8 teams compete, exact format TBA

The closed qualifier will be officially broadcast by DreamHack.