LAN:  Nov 23 – Nov 26
Day: Nov 24 – Nov 26

Casemod Championship powered by Fractal Design and Bethesda

Will your computer be crowned the Champion of Dreamhack?

DreamHack is proud to present the DreamHack Casemod Championship. Since the start of DreamHack in 1994 there has always been an audience with a lot passion for creative activities, mods, programming and graphics. We want to evolve this culture and boost the creative side of the DreamHack audience.

Open class

You have built a cool casemod you want to show off to the world, but haven’t competed before

Expert class 

For our more experienced Casemodders. Maybe you have competed before and want a new chance to be crowned the Champion of DreamHack?

Powered by

20 000 sek prize pool

and exclusive products from Fractal Design


Exhibit and prejudging 10:00 – 12:00 CET (Sunday) in Lobby South

The Casemod Championship will take place Sunday 27th at 13:00 CET on the Main stage. 

DreamHack Casemod championship

The DreamHack Casemod Championship will promote and show the large case mod/computer enthusiasts community at DreamHack events. The Championship will reward the best and most innovative projects with great products

Bonus Categories

A pool of categories will be distributed between the contestants based on the overall variety and relevance of the submitted entries. (these can be subject to change) 

  • Fractal’s Choice
  • Bethesda’s Choice
  • SweClockers’ Choice
  • Community choice


  • The entry cannot have been in any previous competitions and won a prize prior to Nov 24, 2022.
  • You can compete with an existing build
  • Each entry must be altered in some form from a “Stock PC” or “Stock case” 
  • Each entry must be a functional PC system. A fully functional power socket, display output, and USB input are mandatory. The system must be able to display pictures on the screen and respond to input
  • Contestants in the Expert Class can’t compete in the Open Class
  • The contestants are limited to one entry per physical person
  • The contestant(s) must be the creator(s) of the build
  • Registration for Expert Class is open between  2022-09-30 – 2022-11-06 23:59
  • There is no limitation on materials used
  • Each contestant must be available upon request; display the entry in the Meet & greet -area, a stage, or another display area at DreamHack Winter 2022
  • Each contestant must be present at DHW22 and have a valid ticket (any ticket is valid)
  • Contestants selected for the Expert class will receive a personal, non-transferable ticket to DHW22
  • To be able to win, the contestant and entry need to be present for a temporary exhibit in Lobby Syd Sunday 2022-11-27 from 09.30-12.30
  • To be able to win, the contestant and entry needs to be present at the finals on Main Stage in Hall B, Sunday 2022-11-27 13.00-14.00
  • All judging will be made on-site at DreamHack Winter 2022

These may be subject to change.

  • Overall design
    The general perception of the creation. Including color, materials, hardware exposure, theme etc.
  • Attention to detail
    How well each detail of the mod is taken into consideration in the perspective of the whole mod
  • Quality of craftsmanship
    How well the craftsmanship is carried out. Quality of paint job, polish, bending of steel, sleeving etc.
  • Innovation
    Degree of innovation in the whole creation. Example: Uniqueness, usage of materials in new ways, ways the hardware is exposed etc.
  • Use of hardware (not performance)
    Evaluation of the selection of hardware. Example. type of system & components combined, Type of components: reference, partner, aftermarket or custom components, etc.
  • Functionality
    How well the system as a whole would work in a practical setting. Examples: accessibility, fan filters, change water in loop, size and shape etc.
  • By applying to the competition you accept that any photos, video, or other types of documentation of the contestants or their builds can or will be used, without prior agreement from persons or entries visible in the pictures, for editorial or promotional messaging by DreamHack AB or Geeks AB (Sweclockers) 

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