The European Cosplay Gathering is a cosplay contest on European scale. The best cosplayers all over Europe compete in the final at Japan Expo in Paris 2020.

16 countries are now part of the ECG: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Each of these countries select a solo and a group (of 2 or 3 cosplayers) to represent their colors.

We are proud to host the Swedish qualifier for one of the most prestigious international cosplay contests in the world!



Sun, 1 dec. 19:00

ECG Qualifier Finals

The DreamHack Cosplay Championship and The European Cosplay Gathering qualifier will be held on two separate dates.

Please note: These are two separate contests, with different rules. Please read information thoroughly. If you are eligible for both – then yes you may compete in both! We’d love you to!

(Only DreamHack Cosplay Championship grants free entrance to the event. If you’re eligible – yes, you may use the same cosplay in both contests both days!)


To be released closer to the event

Props & cosplay weapon rules


All cosplay props (“weapons” – regardless of type) must be checked and approved by staff (Lobby North).

Upon approval, a tag will be attached to your prop and must be kept throughout the event. The cosplay crew will be able to assist you if you have any questions regarding this.

Quick Facts About Entering

The full rules are posted on the official ECG website. Featured on this page is some basic info to get you started.

Signup deadline is 6th October, 23:59.


Your application is the basis for the selection of competitors (if more than 15 registered in the solo and 10 in duo/group). The selection will be based on how finished the costume/s/ and performance are – please send work in progress photos of your costume/s/ as well as script and/or finished performance files when signing up.

If more than 15 solo/10 group applicants send in finished costumes (photos) and performance files selection will be based on first come-first serve notice.


To compete in this qualifier you must be a Swedish citizen. Participants from another nationality but owning a “Permanent Residency card” (or equivalent document depending on the country legislation) are allowed to enter the selections from the country they live in. However they are not allowed to take part in the selections of their nationality country for the same season.

All contestants MUST be on time (for the group meeting and pre-judging) check in and be prejudged. Nothing dangerous or offensive (overly sexualized costumes, liquids, fire, or glitter on the stage – please write us an email if you have a question regarding your costume).  

All contestants must behave in good manners towards other contestants, judges and crew.

You may not enter the ECG qualifier with a costume previously awarded by a selection or a prize at any other International competition event.

Any representative from the previous year is not allowed to enter and be selected in the same category he/she was selected in last year. (A solo representative can’t compete in the solo category in the year following his selection, however he’s allowed to enter the Group category).

Participants may perform in costumes representing characters from anime, manga, comics, video games, movies, TV series, comic books, J-Music. The costumes must have official reference therefore, personal creations and fanarts are not allowed in this contest. 

People may participate solo, or in a duo or trio. People wishing to participate as duo or trio must wear costumes from 2 or 3 characters of the same source. You can’t mix characters from different sources. 


The participants are required to make a performance. For individuals, the performance can last 1 minute and 15 seconds at most. For groups (duo/trio), the performance can last 2minutes and 30 seconds at most. You may not have additional people/assistants on stage during your performance.

Selection Process

Each contestant/group will be pre-judged and perform on stage.

The cosplay presented during the costume pre-judging must be identical to the ones used for the performance on stage. Any modifications will be penalized, this includes make up, special effects, props, accessories & shoes.

For any questions regarding the ECG Qualifier, contact activities@dreamhack.com

DHW18 cosplay1

Cosplay Lounge

If you’re looking to get off the floor and take a load off from carrying around your gear or you want to fix a tear, this is the place to be.

Only registered cosplayers will be admitted. You may bring one assistant. This person must also register at the cosplay-info desk outside of the cosplay lounge.

dhw cosplay2

Cosplay Photo Studio

Opening hours will be posted at a later time.

For any questions, contact activities@dreamhack.com

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