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Step 1: Connect your ticket, see email from DreamHack with subject “Connect your DreamHack tickets to your account” Click link

Step 2: If needed accept the cookies

Step 3: If needed sign in to your account

Step 4: Connect your account to the order, all the tickets you bought will be connected at once. In a later stage you can give away tickets to your friends

Step 5: When your order is connected you can manage your tickets, you can choose seats for all your tickets and then give away them to a friend. If you want to let your friend pick the seat you can give the ticket away direct

Step 6: In the top menu you select your hall where you want to seat your ticket

Event Guide

WELCOME Dear ticket holder, we can’t wait to welcome you to DreamHack Winter 2021. On this page you will find the information you need for

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Main stage

All things main stage Better than streaming and listening through the best headphones. Jump into the crowd and shout for fantastic artists and activities.  Get

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Food options

The food options during Dreamhack winter All places have vegetarian options! Kiosken – Lobby Syd Toast, salads, sandwiches & wraps Candy, beverages, soda, Estrella chips

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