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Step 1: Connect your ticket, see email from DreamHack with subject “Connect your DreamHack tickets to your account” Click link

Step 2: If needed accept the cookies

Step 3: If needed sign in to your account

Step 4: Connect your account to the order, all the tickets you bought will be connected at once. In a later stage you can give away tickets to your friends

Step 5: When your order is connected you can manage your tickets, you can choose seats for all your tickets and then give away them to a friend. If you want to let your friend pick the seat you can give the ticket away direct

Step 6: In the top menu you select your hall where you want to seat your ticket

DJ Mangoo headlines DHW

DJ Mangoo’s breakthrough came at an age of 16 with his well-known hit, Eurodancer. Now he’s coming to DreamHack Winter with a really exciting setlist,

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