LAN:  November 23 – 26
Day: November 24 – 26

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Tomu & Yumi are Coming to DreamHack Winter


Yumi & Tomu together create entertainment for the whole family on Youtube. Together they have over 800,000 followers on their channels where they release new videos every day! Come meet them at DreamHack Winter and game with them on November 27th.

Date and Time: Sunday 27th Nov, 14:00 – 16:00
Location: Arena in the Creator Hub – Hall D


Activities during DreamHack Winter

– 1 hour playtime with the kids in the game “Red light Green light
– 1 hour Meet and Greet in the arena afterward (Excluding signing)


Participating in activities
If you are interested in playing Red light, Green Light with Yumi & Tomu, then make sure to fill out this form for your chance to participate.

1) You’ll need a ticket to DreamHack Winter to attend.
2) A sign up in the form is not a guarantee of entry, entry numbers are limited. 

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