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Day visitors: November 24 – 26
LAN attendees:  November 23 – 26

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Nov 25 – Nov 26, 2023
Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden


61 participating nations

eFIBA Season 2 is more than doubling its participating federations and expanding its competition schedule. The event includes online Regional Qualifiers from October 3 to November 2 and Regional Finals from November 7 to 9 across South East Asia, Oceania, Middle East, Africa, North America, South America, and Europe. 

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This season, eFIBA actively works with the NBA2K community through collaborations with creators around the globe, as well as co-streamers of eFIBA events with a suite of customizable resources – including unprecedented access to gameplay feeds, overlays, opportunities to interview players, and more. The suite of streaming tools is open to community streamers!

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The winning nation from each Regional Final and the top two from Europe will secure a spot in the eFIBA Season 2 World Finals 2023, taking place live at the immersive gaming lifestyle festival, DreamHack Winter, from November 25-26 in Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden. 

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3 day


daily access to the festival - covers all 3 days

Come join us for all 3 days while we entertain you with tons of activities! No need to bring a computer or console, just come have fun – we’ll provide the activities!

Price today

499 SEK

Final price

599 SEK

3-Day Pass includes

- Access to all non-LAN activities at the festival

- Access to the Regular LAN area in Hall D

3 day


daily access to the festival - covers all 3 days

If you want to bring your children with you, we’re offering you a cheaper ticket with multiple different ticket types. A child for this ticket counts as 5-16. Kids under 5 come for free!

Price today

899 SEK

Final starting price

1079 SEK

3-Day Family Pass Includes

11 Ranges of options available for you to purchase. Children are ranged between 5 and 16. Under 5 years old come for free.

  • 1 Adult x 1 Kid
  • 1 Adult x 2 Kids
  • 1 Adult x 3 Kids
  • 1 Adult x 4 Kids
  • 1 Adult x 5 Kids
  • 2 Adults x 1 Kid
  • 2 Adults x 2 Kids
  • 2 Adults x 3 Kids
  • 2 Adults x 4 Kids
  • 2 Adults x 5 Kids
  • 2 Adults x 6 Kids

- Access to all non-LAN activities at the festival

- Access to the Regular LAN area in Hall D

Additional information regarding 1 Day passes or 1 Day Family passes can be found on the Tickets Page.