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The Swedish Police have provided updated rules and regulations concerning the national bag ban, applicable to DreamHack Winter. Make sure to read the updated information here


The Swedish Police have provided updated rules and regulations concerning the national bag ban, applicable to DreamHack Winter. Make sure to read the updated information.

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With the Swedish Police Authority’s decision to ban all bags at major events in the country, a lot of you are wondering how it impacts DreamHack Winter. We are in active dialogue with the relevant authorities, and when we have an update we will make sure to share that with you. Regardless of the regulatory impact, we are revisiting our security plan, which is developed with external security consultants, to ensure maximum festival safety. 


The Swedish Police have provided updated rules and regulations concerning the national bag ban, applicable to DreamHack Winter. Make sure to read the updated information here


Activities > Expo

DreamHack Winter features a bustling expo area, with booths from prominent gaming companies and brand sponsors offering an array of interactive activities

Friday, Nov 24 – 12:00 until 20:00
Saturday, Nov 25 – 10:00 until 20:00
Sunday, Nov 26 – 10:00 until 18:00

Expo Hours

Friday, Nov 2412:00 until 20:00

Saturday, Nov 2510:00 until 20:00

Sunday, Nov 2610:00 until 18:00


Activities > Expo

DreamHack Winter features a bustling expo area, with booths from prominent gaming companies and brand sponsors offering an array of interactive activities

Expo Hours

Friday, Nov 2412:00 until 20:00

Saturday, Nov 2510:00 until 20:00

Sunday, Nov 2610:00 until 18:00

What's in store at Winter?


Booth: 1

🎮🚀 Get ready to level up your gaming experience at our epic booth at the DreamHack Festival! 🎮🚀

🤝 Meet, greet, and game with our gaming ambassadors every single day. 🤝 Connect with the legends who fuel your passion for gaming! 🌟

🎁 Don’t miss our daily Elgiganten Giveaway at 13:37 on our stage! 🎉 Amazing prizes are up for grabs! 🎁

🏆 Our stage is where the action unfolds! Join us for a range of heart-pounding activities that could crown you the champ of the day. 🥇

🎉 Looking for more action? Head to our mini-games area, where you can test your gaming prowess and win valuable coins. 🎮💰 

With non-stop excitement at our booth, you’re in for a gaming extravaganza like no other! 🔥 Join us and let’s level up together! 🚀🎮💥

About Elgiganten

Booth: 2

Intel is the catalyst for PC gaming innovation, rallying the industry to make the PC the best place to play and create. The company believes the best gaming experience is done on the PC and is always looking for ways to push their technology to the limit when it comes to performance, enabling the development community, driving new form factors and leveraging emerging technology.

About Intel
Monster Energy
Monster Energy

Booth: 3

Sometimes you just need that boost, that push, that focus… that punch of energy to get you going. You need Monster. 

Most companies spend their money on ad agencies, TV commercials, radio spots and billboards to try tell you how good their products are. At Monster, we do things differently — because Monster Energy is not just a drink. It’s a lifestyle in a can.  

We support the scene, our bands, our athletes and our fans.  We back athletes so they can make a career out of their passion.  We promote concert tours, so our favorite bands can visit your hometown.  We celebrate with our fans and riders by throwing parties and making the coolest events we can think of a reality.  

Monster is the relentless pursuit of victory, being your best, being at the top of your game. It is the most badass energy drink on the planet. 

Monster is the world’s greatest skiers and skaters, boarders and bikers, rockers and racers, gamers and Girls.  

Monster Energy — Unleash the Beast!

About Monster
PC Game Pass

Booth: 23

Xbox invites you to embark on an awesome journey through our immersive booth, offering a diverse selection of exciting activities. Our dedicated efforts ensure there’s something for everyone, whether you want to play some amazing games from Game Pass or if you’re seeking a fresh tattoo, a manicure session, or a stylish haircut from our talented barbers.

In addition to these experiences, our booth boasts an array of engaging activities. Test your skill on the claw machine, take on the Gold Bar Challenge, or demonstrate your strength on the boxing machine, with the chance to win enticing prizes. Keep an eye out for the iconic Vasco statue from Starfield and the legendary Power Armor from Fallout, both providing fantastic photo opportunities.
Within our booth, you’ll also have the opportunity to sample a curated collection of games from the PC Game Pass, or simply relax and unwind in our console lounge. We invite you to join us for an unforgettable experience – come, hang out, and make lasting memories with Xbox. When everybody plays, we all win!

About Xbox Game Pass
DreamHackWinter partnersHusqvarna

Booth: 4

Husqvarna, world pioneer in robotic lawn mowing and 90s game sensation have a thrilling collaboration that premieres at DreamHack. Come and experience this demonic update, and enter the world-first Championship (over 18) of its kind. Top prizes include the latest in robotic lawn mowing – Husqvarna 430X NERA  and Husqvarna  320 NERA (value 3000 – 4000 euro each).You can also earn coins for the DreamHack wheel by driving a robotic lawn mower with an Xbox controller, and meet our R&D team and learn about life as an engineer at Husqvarna.  Welcome!

About Huskvarna

Booth: 5

There is a lot of stuff going on in our booth! Show off your aiming skills at our bean-bag-wall and win some really neat merch, try out Pantameras own CS2 aim map, compete for exclusive prices by beating today’s high score in our arcade game Panta World and bring your cans and bottles to our reverse vending machine for the chance to become one of the daily winners in our recycling roulette.

And – come and hang out with our ambassador Youtuber SampeV2, who visits our booth every day. Or join Sampes daily Pantamera CS2 challenge on the mainstage.

About Pantamera

Booth: 6

Tele2 is the official internet provider of DreamHack Winter 2023. Broadband you can get at home!

Experience Tele2’s lightning speed in a comfy, homely setting here at DreamHack. Meet fantastic esport profiles like Friberg, Michi, Tutsi, and Matidlalindroth among others. Challenge them at games such as Fortnite, Fifa och CS. Welcome to our zone!

About Tele2

Booth: 7

Barebells offers a broad range of protein-enriched alternatives to desserts, snacks, and traditional on-the-go snacks – without sugar, and without compromising on taste. The brand was launched in Sweden in 2016 and the Barebells products are currently available in 40 markets. For more information, visit :https://barebells.com/sv/

Get Ready for DreamHack 2023 with Barebells.

Hungry for an unforgettable gaming experience? Look no further! Barebells is coming to DreamHack Winter 2023, and we’re bringing the flavor!

Indulge in our delicious protein bars for that gaming fuel you crave. Discover our very own Fast Food corner and savor the future with Barebells Fast Food – Fast Food, just better. Play, compete, and tackle challenges to win some seriously sweet prizes.
Join Barebells at DreamHack and level up your DreamHack experience!

About Barebells
DreamHackWinter Partners Legion
Legion by Lenovo

Booth: 8

We are thrilled to announce that Lenovo will be at DreamHack Winter again this year!

Our Walk-in-and-Play setup is waiting for you!

It’s GO TIME with our new and amazing Legion GO handheld gaming PC.

Try our gaming lineup including the new powerful Legion 9i.

Together with Game Pass we have compiled a lot of exciting activities where you can win great prizes and merchandise, or GET COINS for the DreamHack Wheel of Fortune.

Don’t miss your chance to join the fun!

See you at DreamHack Winter.

About Lenovo
EVNIA by Philips

Booth: 9

EVNIA Powered by Philips is an exciting new brand that aims to “Reinvent the Rules” of gaming.

 We will unveil the “EVNIA Dream Setup” at our booth, something never seen before. (details coming shortly)

Step up and try our ultimate gaming setup or experience the entire range of EVNIA screens at our showcase area.

Play with your friends at our Free-to-play section with numerous activities such as 5on5, 1on1 tournaments, AI challenges and virtual skill-based competitions against Team Vitality.

We have several other fun activities planned, great prizes and give-aways, so welcome by our booth and see how we at EVNIA aims to “Reinvent the Rules”

About Philips-Evnia

Booth: 10

GSIGN – Ergonomic Gaming Furniture and Interior

We create ergonomic gaming furniture and interior in premium quality. We take pride in offering Swedish-designed furniture crafted with gamers in mind. Our goal is to enhance the perfect gaming experience by combining comfort, functionality, and durability.

At our booth, we welcome you with refreshing drinks and freshly popped popcorn, and we look forward to telling you more about our range and how our products can elevate your gaming environment. Come by and discover how GSIGN can help take your gaming experience to the next level.


Booth: 11

Be Innit.

Innit is a new technology emulating the sound experience of the real world, through your headphones. We call it Aural Reality.

Come hang out in our booth and immerse yourself in our amazing sound, enter the raffle to win cool prizes each day and of course – collect coins. Bring your friends and enter our mystery cube to get the full experience.

And we haven’t even told you the best part! You can bring this amazing experience home with you as Innit is now in open beta stage. Just download the app and use it for free on your computer and experience unrivaled PC gaming audio.

See you in booth 11!

Innit – The Missing Piece

About Innit
JBL Quantum

Booth: 12

Enter battles with confidence. Explore new worlds. Perfect your play. JBL Quantum headsets are developed by designers and engineers passionate about immersing players into their favorite games, with audio that’s almost too good to be true.

Power up your device and step into a new world, with captivating sound at every turn—it’s what JBL Quantum technology is all about. This is the future of gaming, hear it for yourself.

About JBL Quantum

Booth: 13

Join us at DreamHack for a special preview of the Octa V1 by Olicus. It’s our first product, and we’re excited to share it with attendees before its official release. Explore our PC case design and have hands-on experience with the Octa V1. We’ll be here to chat, answer questions, and listen to your feedback. We value your insights as we embark on this journey with Olicus.

About Olicus
DreamHackWinter Partners Nintendo v2

Booth: 14

Nintendo at DreamHack Winter 2023: Tournaments, games, and lots of fun for all!

This year we’re bringing a stage to DreamHack Winter 2023! Visitors will have the opportunity to meet Mario and Luigi or spontaneously take part in a whole range of fun tournaments on every one of the three days of the fair. Demonstrate your skills in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Nintendo Switch Sports, WarioWare: Move It! and various other Nintendo games.

Visitors can also expect to see some of the latest games for Nintendo Switch on stage like – Super Mario Bros. Wonder and Super Mario RPG!

About Nintendo

Booth: 15

The 14 affiliates together have approximately 1,4 million members of whom about 660,000 are women. The 14 affiliates of LO have independent status, and LO is primarily an organisation for co-ordination, research, signing labour market insurance schemes and creating public opinion at central and regional levels.

Wage bargaining, international activities, trade union education, children’s and young people’s education, gender equality and social security are some of the areas for which LO is responsible for co-ordinating. The individual affiliates have full responsibility within their industrial sectors at central, regional and local levels. They are also responsible for the administration of the unemployment insurance funds.
An important task for LO is to protect the trade union movement’s interests in relation to Parliament, the authorities and other organisations. LO is therefore a body to which proposed legislative measures affecting society as a whole are referred for consideration. It also has representatives on the governing bodies of various governmental authorities. LO is also involved in matters concerning the Swedish labour market and the political development as a whole.

About LO
DreamHackWinter Partners Saab

Booth: 16

Saab is calling all gamers, tech enthusiasts, and innovators!

Ever tried shooting a Carl-Gustav, anti-tank weapon system? -Step into our booth to test our demo weapons and shoot out at targets in the hall, immerse yourself in our world of defense, and discover how Saab is at the forefront of technology. 

If you’re a skilled shooter and follow us on one of our social media platforms you’ll be given a token for the raffle wheel!

Saab is thrilled to be part of DreamHack and our team look forward to creating long-lasting connections with you all!

About Saab
Young Gamers

Booth: 17

Young Gamers is a community for young people how enjoy gaming.

We will be showing different activities, how to combine gaming and physical activites and we will be talking about the project Gaming in Motin, which is supported by Allmänna Arvsfonden.

About Young Gamers
DreamHackSummer2023 Partners werrensneakers

Booth: 18

The online store for premium sneakers in the Nordics, WerrenSneakers is known for bringing the best of the best to the customer!

You will be able to pick up some exclusive pieces at DreamHack Winter at the WerrenSneakers stand in the Expo!

About WerrenSneakers
DreamHackWinter Expo Tobias Registret
Tobias Registret

Booth: 19

DreamHackWinter Partners Killar

Booth: 21

Killar.se, Sweden’s largest national online support for guys, together with the gaming culture association Sverok, will be at DreamHack again this event. Killar.se has its support chat open for all visitors, regardless of gender, during the event. Chat with us about how you’re feeling, what’s on your mind, or anything else. You are completely anonymous and no question or thought is too small.

You can also meet us in expo every day where you can play games, check out our new games, talk to us and just relax for a while. Don’t miss spinning our conversation wheel to earn coins for the big DreamHack wheel!

Meet our youth ambassadors and take the opportunity to start your own gaming culture association. Remember, even DreamHack started as one! The Youth Ambassadors will help you and can later pay a visit to your association to facilitate interesting talks about norms and violence in the gaming culture with you.

About Killar & Sverok
Female Legends

Booth: 22

Female Legends is a non-profit working to promote women, trans and non-binary people withing esports and the wider gaming community. Our goal is for everyone to feel welcome, included, accepted and represented. We want to help players of all levels achieve their gaming dreams

About Female Legends
Medion Erazer

Booth: 24

ERAZER makes a grand return to DCC with its gaming truck! Discover our impressive laptop measuring 2.50 by 3 meters and experience the sensation of racing on a racing simulator on this laptop. We also have 10 gaming spots and we offer an overwhelming gaming experience. But that’s not all! Participate and have a chance to win a complete ERAZER game room worth 5,000 euros. The gaming truck is the hotspot for intense gaming and unforgettable moments. Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of ERAZER at DCC, where we take gaming to a new level with our state-of-the-art equipment.

Once in place, Matgeek will join us, who will perform everything from pancake races, and easier cooking. He will also ensure that visitors have the best possible experience at Arla´s foodtruck.

Visitors will also have a chance to compete in the incredible night duel where they have a chance to win tokens to the Rafflewheel. They will also be able to play other fun games. Welcome!


Booth: 25

Agon by AOC invites you to a full-on gaming experience! 

With tournaments, visits from Counter-Strike legends, and the biggest giveaway we have ever done, we are more than excited to see you at our booth. Challenge your friends to see who has the best aim on our popular Nerf gun shooting range. Take part of our elaborate treasure hunt and prove that you have what it takes to become an AOC Legend or beat the record on the sim-race track. At the Agon by AOC booth you will also have the chance to play on state-of-the-art OLED monitors and meet professional players and streamers. Welcome all gamers, to the Agon by AOC Universe at DreamHack!

About AOC
DreamHackWinter Partners WilliamsEsports
Williams F1

Booth: 26

Join us at the Williams F1 booth during your DH visit. Dive into the thrilling world of simracing, where you can experience the adrenaline of being behind the wheel of an F1 car. Not only will you be able to challenge your driving skills, but you’ll also have the chance to meet some of our top players and enthusiasts. And that’s not all! Participate in our contests and stand a chance to drive away with exciting prizes. Don’t miss out on the action – we’re waiting for you at the Williams F1 stand!

About Williams F1
DreamHackWinter Partners JonkopingLANv2
Region Jönköping

Booth: 27

Unmute yourself We are here for you and you can talk to us about feelings, thoughts, sex, and everything in between!

We know those questions, thoughts, and feelings are out there. But it’s not always easy to talk about them, if you unmute yourself, you can talk to us about your thoughts on feelings, sex and more.

Don’t miss out on our exciting activities! Release your feelings in our Scream Box, challenge a friend in a Dildo-Duel or just unwind and take a break in our Chill Corner.

We are looking forward to seeing you at DreamHack Winter 2023. Welcome!”

About Ungdomsmottagningen
DreamHackWinter Partners ESPTiger

Booth: 28

Seglar förbundet

Booth: 29

Join the Swedish Sailing Federation at our booth and challenge the rest of DreamHack in sailing. At our booth you will have the opportunity to play with your friends in a team versus other visitors and play against your friends in a free-for-all race. But wait, there’s more! Go ahead an challenge the rest of DreamHack for the highscore of DreamHack Winter 2023 and win prizes! We look forward to meeting you!

About Seglar förbundet

Booth: 30

Just Dance

Booth: 31


Booth: 32

Do you want to become a better gamer and have more fun along the way? Come to our booth at Dreamhack! Here you will take part in useful strategies and mental skills that leading teams and stars use to perform at their best. Tell us about your esports dreams and we will support you through your gaming journey! We also welcome all parents who are curious about gaming to come and talk to us. We are happy to give you tips and tricks on how you can support your loved ones in their hobbies.


About AEP
Para Ghost

Booth: 33

PARA Esports is a non-profit esports organization for disabled gamers only. The organization was created in May 2021 by Martin Stengård, the father of Sigge in team PARA.Ghost, in order to break Sigge’s involuntary isolation and give him a more full and greater meaning with his everyday life.

PARA.Ghost is a “Counter-Strike 2” team that consists of five young men aged 16 to 27. The uniqueness of this team is that everyone has the same progressive muscle disease, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). The fact that the players have similar everyday life creates a calm and deeper understanding of each other’s situation. They are there for each other, they share the same world.

Test our “hot” gaming setup; heated desktop under keyboard and mouse together with a heated vest will keep you hot all day long.

About Para Ghost
DreamHackWinter Partners MortalKombat
Mortal Kombat 1

Booth: 34


Booth: 21

Arla wants to contribute to a healthier lifestyle for kids in the gaming world and has therefore come up with the concept “Helping kids eating well”.  At DreamHack, Arla will focus on this and will offer breakfast, snacks and evening snacks to all children in order to highlight a healthier lifestyle for our children and youngsters.

Once in place, Matgeek will join us, who will perform everything from pancake races, and easier cooking. He will also ensure that visitors have the best possible experience at Arla´s foodtruck.

Visitors will also have a chance to compete in the incredible night duel where they have a chance to win tokens to the Rafflewheel. They will also be able to play other fun games. Welcome!

About Arla
DreamHackWinter Partners LION

Booth: 19

We are thrilled to announce that Lion will be making its presence known at DreamHack Winter! As one of the leading gaming events in the world, DreamHack is the perfect platform for Lion to connect with gamers and provide them with the fuel they need to play like true champions.

Located in Hall B, our Lion booth will be a hub of excitement and power We invite all attendees to come and trade their wristbands for a pack of Lion Original breakfast cereal. Packed with essential nutrients and designed to keep your power levels soaring, Lion Original breakfast cereal is the perfect companion for your gaming adventures. But remember, it’s first come, first serve, as we have a whopping 4,000 packs to give out each day of the event.

But that’s not all! Lion is also proud to be a part of the DreamHack DreamWheel. This thrilling attraction allows visitors to test their luck and spin the wheel for a chance to win a half year’s supply of Lion Original breakfast cereal. Imagine having a steady stream of Lion fueling your gaming sessions for months on end! It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Whether you’re a professional gamer, an aspiring streamer, or simply a gaming enthusiast, Lion is here to support you on your gaming journey. We understand the importance of maintaining peak performance and staying energized throughout your visit to DreamHack Winter. With Lion Original breakfast cereal, you can play like a Lion and keep your power levels on top, ensuring that you make the most of this incredible gaming experience.

We have an exciting final added bonus for all attendees – the opportunity to earn DreamHack coins! These exclusive coins are a unique currency that can be used to unlock a range of incredible rewards and experiences.

So, mark your calendars and make sure to visit the Lion booth in Hall B at DreamHack Winter. Trade your wristband for a pack of Lion Original breakfast cereal and experience the power of playing like a true champion. And don’t forget to try your luck at the DreamWheel for a chance to win a half year’s supply of Lion Original breakfast cereal. We can’t wait to see you there!


About LION Cereals