NOV 30–DEC 3, 2018 Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden


BYOC Tickets and 3 Day Event Passes
Access around the clock from Friday Nov 30 08:00 (07:00 CET for Express Pass) CET until Monday Dec 3 10:00 CET

1 Day Passes
Friday Pass: Friday 30 Nov 10:00 CET – Saturday 1 Dec 01:00 CET
Saturday Pass: Saturday 1 Dec 10:00 CET – Sunday 2 Dec 01:00 CET
Sunday Pass: Sunday 2 Dec 10:00 CET – Monday 3 Dec 01:00 CET

Expo Hours
Open daily (Friday – Sunday) from 11:00 – 21:00 CET. 

Important Times
Doors open:
 Friday 30 Nov, 07:00/08:00 CET
Opening ceremony: Friday 30 Nov, 16:00 CET
The network goes down: Monday 3 Dec, 08:00 CET
The electricity goes down: Monday 3 Dec, 09:00 CET
All participants must be out of the Elmia Fair: Monday 3 Dec, 10:00 CET

Elmiavägen 11
SE-554 54 Jönköping

DreamHack is a gaming event unlike any other! DreamHack events are all about the massive BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) LAN party, paired with a plethora of competitive tournaments and international esports competitions happening. Visitors are able to check out the latest gaming and tech gear at the Expo, and take part in all sorts of different activities! Activities include tournaments, cosplay, non-gaming events like scavenger hunts, tabletop games and more!

Yes! The official DreamHack Store will be on-site and your place to purchase exclusive DreamHack clothing and gear and some limited items that are only available on-site at DreamHack events.

IRL Streaming is allowed and encouraged at DreamHack, however, it’s important to be respectful of our visitors! If, when you are IRL Streaming, a visitor asks you not to film or otherwise feature them in your IRL stream you are must cease filming them immediately. If you are IRL Streaming and not following this policy, you will be asked to leave the event.

Of course, and a whole lot of them! Once BYOC LAN tickets run out, we’re unable to sell any more due to limited space. Visit our ticket page to view remaining ticket options available.

For every BYOC ticket purchased you will receive one table seat reservation and a (basic) chair. You will also be provided with one electrical socket and one Internet port. You will need to bring an Internet cable (we recommend a minimum of 10m to be safe) and a power strip to be able to plug in both computer and monitor. If you forget these, they will be available for purchase at the DreamStore. See our full packing list here.

It is absolutely safe to bring your PC to our event. We will have our Crew security staff on-site during the whole event and we have a cooperation with the local police. If you are concerned about security you may always bring a computer lock to secure your computer or laptop and peripherals to the table. We do not recommend leaving valuables like cell phones & wallets at your LAN seat as those are much easier to walk away with. DreamHack is not responsible for any lost possessions.

You will receive a link to our seat booking website via e-mail a few weeks before the seat booking option opens.

The link will include a special code that you use to book your seat(s) in the map. If you have purchased multiple tickets, you will have access to reserve seats for them all. You can change your seat on the seat map until 2 weeks prior to the event. Make sure to reserve them ASAP to guarantee the seats you want for your group!

More info can be found at

The seatmap is open whenever you book a BYOC ticket. You’ll receive an e-mail with further instructions. For more information visit

Yes, we have a lot of sleeping area in Hall A and Racketcentrum, a short walk from Elmia. The sleeping space is on a first come, first serve basis.

All DreamHack Winter ticket holders are eligible to participate in tournaments. Some tournaments require you to participate in a qualifier ahead of time. To participate in BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) tournaments, you’ll need a BYOC pass which gives you a seat reservation where you can set up your own computer. DreamHack’s console tournaments don’t require you to bring your own console, you can play on ours. Don’t miss your chance to pre-register to secure your spot in the tournaments you plan to participate in! Visit our BYOC page for additional details on pre-registration or qualifiers.

You can purchase tickets HERE. All tickets can be picked up at the registration desk (no tickets, vouchers or bracelets are mailed). For more information visit

Yes. Event and BYOC passes will be available for purchase at the event. We recommend purchasing tickets as soon as possible as the best prices will be available the sooner in advance you purchase your tickets, and this will guarantee you can get into the venue if we sell out. Find out more information about the different ticket types on our ticket page.

We offer payment by VISA, Mastercard, American Express & Discover (maybe Bitcoin some day in the future!).

Unfortunately, we can not offer refunds on tickets. Please be sure you’re able to attend if you buy one! If something changes you may change the name on your ticket once, allowing you to gift or resell it to a friend.

For all general inquiries regarding event rules, tickets, and other general questions, please first review both this general FAQ and event rules, and if you are unable to find your answers please contain our support email.

Support mails are typically answered within 72 hours. Please note we have delayed support during the days of festival events. Our support desk is not open on weekends, public holidays and during select times during summer holidays.


Want to work with DreamHack? Our events are a great platform to engage with gamers, both live in person, or through our esports broadcasts which reach millions online! Event partnerships including opportunities to exhibit within DreamExpo, event branding, product placement, and different customised activations as well as esports tournament sponsorships.


If you’re an influential member of the community, DreamHack would love your support/attendance to make our events as fun as possible and your help sharing our events with your community.


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