DreamHack has become a whole gaming lifestyle festival but its roots are in the Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) Local Area Network (LAN). It’s your chance to play against friends, strangers, and compete for prizes in a hall filled with gamers. This isn’t your usual hang-out-for-the-day event, you can stay day and night through the whole weekend. Fun enough for you?

longest lan ever

We’re extending the BYOC hours, which results in the grand total of 80 hours of LAN.


Thursday, 28 Nov. 12:00


Sunday, 1 Dec. 20:00

BYOC Seat Map


Wanna join in and attend? Then take a look at our seat map to see which location you like best! We have a limited number of seats, so don’t hesitate to claim your spot if you know you’re going to come to the festival.

packing list

Tips and help regarding what you should bring with you.

accompanying your child

Parental passes are available at a reduced rate if you wish to accompany your child but do not wish to have a BYOC seat. This parental add-on can be purchased at checkout.


Let’s say one of your favorite genres is FPS. Would you like to sit around a bunch of people who also like FPS titles? You can in our dedicated rows. And are you stuck only playing that genre? Nope! You’re just stuck with other awesome fans.


Participate in our tournaments with your BYOC ticket: It is free to sign up and a ton of fun! Check out the list of games on our esports page.

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