League of legends Tournament Info

We are excited to bring you the third season of League of Schools where students will get the chance to prove their skills and fight for the championship title! Make sure to read the requirements and information below carefully so you are prepared to register your team.

Registration deadline:

October 23rd

Online play dates:

Coming soon

Tournament format:

The two top teams from the online phase will play the Grand Final at DreamHack Winter 2019




Student and schools are required to be from the following countries to compete in League of Schools:

      • Sweden
      • Finland
      • Denmark
      • Norway


      Students can only compete if their academic level is the following:

      • Sweden – Gymnasium
      • Finland – Gynasium, Lukio, Yrkesskola Ammattikoulu
      • Denmark – Gymnasie
      • Norway – Videregående


Teams can only field players from their school and are required to provide their team rosters before the registration deadline where the team roster will be confirmed with the represented school.The team must consist of five players and if wanted, one coach (coach is optional).

Teams must fill out the Team Registration Form where it is stated which school is represented and the members of the team.

A staff member of represented school must also be listed so the tournament organizer can contact and confirm the registered team roster. This can be a member of the administrative office or student coordinator. This person must be aware that you have listed them as a contact person.

Prize pool

Placement Prize
1st 13 000 SEK
2nd 7 000 SEK

Grand Finals at DreamHack Winter

League of Schools 2019 will start off in the online phase where the full group stage and initial playoffs will be played. The Grand Finals of League of Schools 2019 will be played at DreamHack Winter.


Main Stage, 29 Nov, 16:00

Travel stipend for winning team

The team that wins the online phase will get a travel stipend of 8000 SEK to compete at DreamHack Winter. This amount must be invoiced by winning school.

Online phase coverage

Match coverage is not provided by Challengermode or DreamHack but all participating teams are free to field their own coverage to show the matches to friends and family. Make sure to let the tournament administration and opponents know about your match coverage to ensure fair play.


Thank you for your registrations! You can follow the tournament on Challengermode.


Make sure to join the tournament’s Discord if you have any questions or thoughts.

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