NOV 30–DEC 3, 2018 Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden


A Gaming Lifestyle

We’ve introduced more of the content you’ve always enjoyed to our shows… and then some. Inviting esports teams, streamers, indies, musicians, and more—it’s a whole way of living condensed into a kickass weekend!

If you haven’t played an indie game, you should. And if you want to play some at our show, you can!

Check out the Indie Playground booths in our Expo and talk directly with the developers about their work.

You’ve got to share your experiences with someone, that’s part of the reason you go to a show. And nothing’s better than meeting a living, breathing Widowmaker who doesn’t kill you (because you’ll need a photo).

Meet your streaming heroes, talk to cosplayers about how to craft a costume, and watch speedrunners break records with your friends.

When backs are aching, legs are throbbing, and eyes are bleary, it’s definitely time to get up and take a stroll. We’ve got plenty to walk around and see in our expo, but you’ll probably only walk two minutes before you find another game to sit and play. It’s cool, we understand.

Watching esports at home is great, but what’s better? Watching all the amazing action live! Jump into the crowd and see all the tournaments from the event floor.

Be sure to check out the tournaments too. If you can have fun while competing for a prize, why wouldn’t you?

When you bring your own PC you can plug into our LAN and game with hundreds of other attendees. Or you can just show off how awesome your rig is. If you’re feeling competitive there are tournaments to enter too. Be sure to reserve your seat soon!

Does a freeplay library with tons of games from every DreamHack show exist? Absolutely. Plenty of games you’ve never played and ones you always go back to, from the AAA to indie titles we love, all at your fingertips. No need to bring a PC, console, or tabletop games from home. Just sit down and play.

Subterranean pirate hordes, space stations overrun with extraterrestrials, a rainbow bridge pouring down from Asgard… all of our dreams come to life in an artist’s hands.

See the concepts that help to visualize indie games in our Art Gallery.

Info Coming Soon

IRL Zone

If doing laps around the Expo isn’t the workout you were hoping for, maybe dodgeball is? Try a physical game and get the blood flowing between the campaigns and tournaments. And don’t worry, you don’t have to leave the building to get up and play.

In the DHW18 edition of our popular Case Mod Championship, we want to encourage the growth on a community level and also encourage the non-professional modders and creators.