DreamHack is the ultimate social experience for gamers. The ultimate way to experience a DreamHack event is to bring your gaming rig, jack into our network and game on.

ByOC Game Rows

Game Rows are game specific branded rows inside the BYOC area where you have a chance to meet awesome game swag, and meet new friends for that game! Do you have to play that game in that row? Of course not! 

BYOC Tournaments

Game together with your friends or find your new team on site! It is easy to sign up, a ton of fun and doesn’t cost you anything extra besides your BYOC ticket! 


The Stream Studio pulls online celebrities and aspiring streamers across the globe to our show for the attendees to watch them live and in action as they stream to the world. 


Watch indie game developers take to the stage with fun presentations throughout each day of DreamHack! Indies who are selected, not only get a free booth, but we also want to put you on the spot.


Start prepping your costumes or just come experience the spectacular contestants in attendance this year. We have three skill tiers to compete in as well as a kids tier, so whatever your experience, we look forward to seeing your coolest new cosplay!


Panels and Workshops are where you can show off a unique talent or trait to the gaming world! Maybe you might want it streamed or recorded too. Make sure to fill in the form below.


Speedrunning is the practice of finishing various video games in the fastest way possible, according to the constraints established beforehand by the community. ​


Our Art Gallery showcases some of the most amazing artists in video games, tabletop, comics, anime, and more. We leave it to the artists themselves to enter pieces they’ve worked on for titles, allowing them to choose the pieces they love most.


We heard you and this year we are bringing more awesome content to DreamHack Winter than ever before! Hall D will still be the main LAN hall but this year you will also find the largest Activity Zone ever.

DreamHack's Got Talent

We are curious to see what talents there’s amongst our community! Can you whistle Mozart? Dance every single dance from Fortnite? – Anything is possible, so show us what you got!

DreamHack HCT GrandPrix

Cardslingers prepare yourselves. The penultimate stop in the DreamHack HCT Grand Prix 2018 season is upon us! $15,000 and 191 HCT points. On top the that, the side event will also be there!

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