NOV 30–DEC 3, 2018 Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden

Community Zone

Friends, Foes, and
Familiar Faces

Maybe you like to make new friends at festivals, face-off against your cosplay character’s nemesis, or see some online celebrities. Whatever your poison, we’ve got a whole hell of a lot of awesome activities to be a part of if you’re a social gamer.

Watching streamers at home is great, but watching them behind-the-scenes before, during, and after a stream is incredible. You’ll never wonder again how tall they are or what shoes they wear.

Artists spend hours designing just the right clothes for characters to wear in games, comics, anime, and tons of other media. But we all crave to see the most impossible costumes come to life. The craftsmen that are skilled enough to actually make those costumes will be at our festival! So be sure to cheer hard for them.

When you beat a game, it feels great. When you watch someone else beat the same game on extreme mode in a quarter of the time, it blows your brain. Watch players who love extra constraints complete games in record time.

Meet & Greet

If you’re part of a mass following of a streamer, YouTuber, esports player, musician, or anyone else big in the gaming community, you may be able to meet them! Keep your phone charged and bring whatever you want signed because you don’t want to miss your chance to grab a keepsake from the time you met your hero face-to-face.

More info coming soon!

Show us the talent you’ve been keeping a secret. All that practicing singing in the shower or dancing behind closed doors is gonna pay off. Earn prizes and bathe in applause on our stage in the talent show!