NOV 30–DEC 3, 2018 Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden

Stream Studio

The New TV

Streaming has been a warmly embraced addition to the internet video world. The most thrilling aspect, of course, has been our ability to share life’s exciting moments. But watching game streamers has put us closer to not only the triumphs, but the sometimes comical and other times heartwarming moments of our fellow players’ lives. We want you to enjoy those amazing seconds from the other side of the screen as they stream live in the middle of our festival.

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Check out our list of streamers!

A full list of the selected streamers attending Winter (use the arrows below to view more).

Team Method

Come and hang out with Team Method players.

Djarii  •  MartinCreek  •  Naowh  •  Rasmusenn  •  Sco  •  Whaazz

Check out what streaming with eye tracking can do to enhance the way you play with Tobii Ghost.

The full streaming schedule is in our news post! It’s pretty long or else it would also be on this page. Just trying to make it easier for you.


Stream Studio Entries closed

Thanks to all the streamers who entered! Be sure to check back here next year to enter. Just so you know, we have shows year round in other cities. So don’t forget to look out for our next festival to enter yourself into.

Quick facts about entering

The full rules are available on the entry form, but this is some basic info to get you started.

Selection Process: Only selected applicants will be chosen by DreamHack staff based upon review of information entered. Travel and accommodations are the sole responsibility of the applicant.

Perks: You will be promoted on our site and social channels. DreamHack will provide chairs, tables, streaming PCs (and 120+ Hz monitors), and peripherals (headset, mouse, mousepad, keyboard, and webcam). You’re more than welcome to bring your own peripherals with you.

Those accepted to participate will receive two 3-Day tickets to the event for themselves and a guest.

For any questions regarding the Stream Studio, contact