LAN:  Nov 23 – Nov 26
Day: Nov 24 – Nov 26

arcane game

Challenge your mind at DreamHack Winter! 

Arcane Game is a puzzle hunt where intellect, craftiness, and the ability to think logically make you go far.

The requirements for playing the game are just that you have registered Här, and that you have at least one team member or helpful assistant at DreamHack. You can register now, so do it!

You do not need any special knowledge to compete in Arcane Game, you only need to know how to obtain it. For those who are new to the Arcane Game, there is a Tutorial episode.

You can find us (along with other participants) on Discord.
Look for Ankan, Gussoh, Findus, Ninja, Burnedram, or Gditz.

Arcane game at DreamHack