NOV 30–DEC 3, 2018 Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden


Live: Online or in-person

Whether or not you can make it to DreamHack, you’re always welcome to be a part of the show. Esports tournaments, cosplay contests, and more are streamed online, so you can kick back and enjoy at home. But not everything is streamed (yet) so you should make sure you aren’t missing out on something you want to see in-person.

DreamHack is a gaming party and we’ll be damned if there isn’t good music to party to!

We offer up a selection of music acts that we think you’ll go nuts for. The best part? All the artists are game nerds too.

Who's Playing?

Darren Styles
Flux Pavilion
Tokyo Machine
More to come...
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What Tournaments?

Rainbow Six: Winter
Quake Champions
DreamHack Open
DreamHack HCT Grand Prix
DreamHack Fighting Game Championship
Dragon Ball FighterZ
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Watching esports at home is great, but what’s better? Watching all the amazing action live! Jump into the crowd and see all the tournaments from the event floor.

Be sure to check out the sign-ups for tournaments too. If you can have fun while competing for a prize, why wouldn’t you?

Cosplayers are pretty much the gaming equivalent of fashion icons. We give them a stage to show off the hours of hard work they spent making elaborate costumes because, when they take a step into the spotlight, we know everyone’s jaws will drop. If you love them, then cheer hard for them!