Are you interested in attending Dreamhack Hyderabad as a media member? Accreditation will be awarded to members of the press based on a number of criteria or factors such as circulation, subscriber count, recent activity, social media reach, previous coverage and support of this event and the gaming community. 

If you are a freelancer, we require a letter from the recognised media platform confirming that you have been commissioned to write a story or produce a broadcast insert.

Please note that press pass amounts are limited.
Please allow us two weeks to process your application.
Upon accreditation being awarded, you will be sent a confirmation email from us detailing the process going forward.
The press passes are non-transferable and may not under any circumstances be transferred, altered or sold. Loss, theft or unauthorized use of a press pass must be reported to the press office as soon as possible. Disregarding this may result in temporary or permanent cancellation of the accreditation for the current and future events.

Successful press pass applications for previous events do not guarantee press admittance for this event.

Your accreditation gives you access to:

  • Free Wi-Fi to enable story filing from the event
  • Exhibitors and Organizers for interviews (content production)
  • Three-day attendance of the expo 

Kindly fill out the application form and submit your details.