A Gaming Lifestyle

We’ve introduced more of the content you’ve always enjoyed to our shows… and then some. Inviting esports teams, streamers, indies, students, musicians, craftsmen, filmmakers, and more—it’s a whole way of living condensed into a kickass weekend!


Rocket League Pro Circuit

Watch the best teams of Rocket League live from Montreal!

Starcraft 2 WCS

Do you like Starcraft? You will have the chance to see one of the most prestigious competition in the world live from Montreal!

Rainbow Six

Do you like first-person shooter games? Rainbow 6 Siege is for you! The best teams in the worlds will be in Montreal for a $ 50,000 prize pool!

DreamHack Fighting Game Championship

More information will be available soon!


Beat Saber Invitational

Ever wanted to see crazy Beat Saber action? We got you covered at DreamHack Montreal 2019!

Indie Zone

Indie zone

Once again, DreamHack Montreal will feature an indie zone! Expect the best indie developers to be there and showcase their amazing games!

Community Zone

Stream Studio

Watch streamers behind-the-scenes in the middle of the Expo. You’ll never wonder again how tall they are or what shoes they wear!

Cosplay Championship

We all crave to see the most impossible costumes come to life. So, come cheer for the craftsmen that make those characters real!

Speedrunning Marathons

Watch players who love extra constraints complete games in record time. Their speed and tricks will blow your socks off.

Meet & Greet

If you’re part of a mass following of someone big in the gaming community, you may be able to meet them face-to-face!


DreamHack is all about the community! As a new initiative for DreamHack Montreal 2019, we have partnered with local content creators and esport athletes!

Freeplay Zone

Console Freeplay

Take part in our console tournaments or just play whatever, whenever. Play with friends, strangers, or by yourself.

Retro Freeplay

We pick out some great ancient gaming cabinets, but you’ll have to come to the show to find out which classics we’re bringing.

PC Freeplay

Our PC Freeplay library grows with every show. We’ve got indies, oldies, and fresh releases on every PC.

Art Zone

Art Gallery

From the concept art that helps the developers visualize the game to the key art they share on social, we display it all.

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