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We're all about that gaming lifestyle and every day brings something new. Trending gaming news, industry tips and tricks, gamer lifestyles and hobbies, community tournaments, and much more.

DreamHack Tonight


Co-hosts Alex Jebailey, Justin Burnham are back and they've recruited Kyle Konsmo to the show. The trio are bringing their many years of industry experience and irreverent but affectionate banter to DreamHack Tonight, with tidbits of what's happening in the gaming world today and other areas of a gamer’s interest.

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DreamHack Plays


Join Aaron Linde and Steve Sampson, as well as other DreamHack Staff and surprise guests on DreamHack Plays as they jump into different game genres each week. Watch in amusement as they struggle for success as each game is chosen for them. They don’t know what they’re playing until it’s too late!

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DreamHack Quiz


Think you know gaming better than your friends? Challenge them to a fun night of gaming trivia! Every week we'll host the DreamHack Quiz on the DreamHack Discord, with great prizes from our partners to the sharpest gaming enthusiasts.

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