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Introducing a whole new look and feel for DreamHack, creating a platform where the gaming community can truly come to life.

2020 didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to, but that’s not stopping us from celebrating DreamHack and the gaming community worldwide. This year, we’re doing it with a slight facelift. Keep scrolling to learn more.

25 years in the making

In 1994, no one could have thought that a small gathering of computer enthusiasts in a school cafeteria would end up being a global gaming lifestyle phenomenon, but here we are. For the next 25 years, we wanted to build a solid foundation inspired by everything you’ve seen at a DreamHack festival or in a DreamHack show.

Looking at our brand identity, we wanted to create something that you are as proud of as we are. Visuals that reflect the feeling of experiencing DreamHack, whether it’s a LAN party, esports, cosplay, live music, indie games or speedrunning. A world where the gaming community comes to life.

Where the gaming community comes to life

2020 has been a year of reflection, so as we looked to update our brand identity, we also looked back at our legacy. All the LAN parties. All the main stage shenanigans. Expo booths. Trophy lifts. CS tournaments. Dodgeball games. From the raw halls of Elmia in Jönköping, to the Olympic Stadium in Montréal, there’s been some crazy stuff on display.

In all of this, we found the red thread. Instead of trimming down, we wanted to embrace all the crazy stuff we’ve created and experienced with you over the years, and cement that in our positioning towards the world. Creating an arena where you can come to connect, explore, play a part, win, and above all, be yourself. That’s our new brand identity in a nutshell.

to the

Think that’s just lots of words to say we have a new logo? Well, the next part’s going to be your favourite.

Building the world of DreamHack is about more than typography and colors. But for you design lovers out there, here’s the breakdown. Of course, we’re keeping the DreamHack orange. But we’re also adding some new friends.


Our unique wordmark

Our logo is a bespoke wordmark of our name. It has been carefully crafted with unique letterforms. Letter counters are perfectly squared to create a visual representation of screens.



R0 G0 B0



R255 G75 B10



R255 G0 B70



R255 G235 B0



R255 G255 B255


DreamHack in color

Our colors link to our past with a bright focus on the future. We are primarily a black and orange brand however we do like to shake it up with more variety.

Big bold

Tusker Grotesk 7700 / 5700 Bold

Supporting subheadline
Engaging content

Sharp Grotesk Bold 19 / Book 18

Our bold and characterful typeface

Tusker Grotesk is our brand headline font. This typeface, with its characterful letter forms and high x-heights, creates bold and impactful headlines. Its personality matches the DreamHack brand perfectly.

The warp

Our core identity device is
called “the Warp”.

It pays homage to
DreamHack’s heritage and
represents the extraordinary
things that happen when
the gaming community gets

The manifesto

Our promise to you is more than just new colors and flashy warps however. In everything we do, we wanted to infuse a sense of meaning derived from our love for the gaming community. And so our manifesto was created to guide us in creating future DreamHack experiences.

really real

Looking to touch and feel the brand? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Introducing a new collection of DreamHack merch.

Our new identity is also finding its way into our merchandise. In our first drop, you’ll find the basics. Hoodie, t-shirt, sweatpants. Perfect for a day of gaming, comfortable enough to see the light of day once you need refreshments, and nowadays a perfectly accepted work attire.

see you

We'll see
you soon

We’re just as eager as you are, and we can’t wait to bring DreamHack IRL again.

DreamHack Atlanta and DreamHack Winter are planned for November 2021. We’re also working on a new online experience that we hope to share with you soon.

Meanwhile, make sure to follow us on social media in the coming weeks as we  continue to deliver thrilling online esports. And hey, don’t forget to buy your limited edition hoodie before it’s sold out!


DreamHack is where our community join arms.

Around massive stages and booths made by hand.

In numbers, in spirit, and in any city brave enough to have us.

To discover where years of training can get you.

Or try something new for the very first time.

To play games that took years to create, and games we made up on the spot.

To embrace old enemies and fight new friends.

Play as hard as we can, mess about with a vengeance.

And crown the champion of everything – from Counter-Strike to cosplay to cabbage bowling

Because whether we’re first-timers or twenty-year veterans, eventually every one of us lives, breathes and sleeps DreamHack.

Some of us sleep at DreamHack.

So wherever gaming goes and however gaming grows,

this will always be the place where it all comes together.

In all our energy, creativity, glory, and absurdity.

And we will always be DreamHack.

Where the gaming community comes to life.