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DreamHack Summer
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GAME 24/7 in the BYOC LAN

The DreamHack festivals is the ultimate social experience for gamers – gaming online is awesome but gaming IRL at the DreamHack LAN is even cooler! With a BYOC ticket you can have your own gaming seat to play at.

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The world's best esports

DreamHacks esport tournaments are for everyone - from audiences ranging from casual and fun, to real hard core attracting professional players. All major genres are featured at DreamHack.

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Become an Ambassador!

Become a DreamHack ambassador and earn your way to loot and tickets! Get starte today and make sure you explore the many opportunities the Ambassador program can give. The more the merrier.

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Mid-Season Brawl is Coming to Summer!

We're excited to announce that MSB will return to Sweden at DreamHack Summer again this year, with another $250,000 reserved for only the fiercest of competitors!

Be a part of DreamHack!

DreamHack Summer is made possible by the many volunteers that each year work night and day to build the festival. The DreamHack Crew is always searching for more amazing people to join the family and help out in one of the many teams. You can apply too!