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October 4-6, 2024
Atlanta, Georgia


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Complete quests around the festival by scanning QR codes, finding hidden items, answering questions, and solving a mystery.

DreamHack Quests

Complete quests around the festival by scanning QR codes, finding hidden items, answering questions, and solving a mystery.

Completing quests earn you XP that unlocks rewards, discounts and very cool prizes. All quests are tracked through the DreamHack App that you can download below. Start your adventure in Atlanta at the DreamHack Quest Booth. We’ll see you there!

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Quest lines

When you download our app and join us on our epic adventure, DreamHack Quests, you will find different quest lines that you can play, choose one or all.  Play, Collect XP and get rewards. Check out our quest lines below.

Holiday Mystery

Help the North Pole PD find who stole one of the gifts from under the Christmas tree! Search the crime scene for clues, find and question suspects,  and discover the culprit for this Holiday Tragedy.

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Aim High

Whether flying alone or with your squadron, The United States Air Force has an opportunity for everyone. Visit the United States Air Force booth to complete your quests! Don’t forget to scan the QR Codes.

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Build your dream PC as a gift for a friend. It’s time to join our friends at Intel, visit their booth located on the Expo floor and find out how to complete this exciting quest. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Have fun.

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Secret Combo

It’s time for K.O. Discover a super secret Fighting combo and get the final Win. Find different QR codes that will give you different moves for the combo sequence. Once you figured out the combo, find a quest admin for that win!

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100% Exploration

It’s time to explore and have fun, at DreamHack we have many places to go, be an exploration master and visit every corner of the festival. Get ready to unlocking memories of a lifetime and gaming all weekend long.

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Holiday Spirit

It’s the most wonderful gaming 😉 time of the year, engage and prepare for the holidays by getting into the spirit and completing holiday quests, let’s spread some jolly experiences with sprinkles of holiday cheer everywhere.

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Cookie Collection

Nothing is as good as a fresh baked cookie, yum yum! You must find all the holiday decorated cookies that are hidden around the festival, and make you own awesome collection of the yummiest and prettiest cookies around.

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A Season of Giving

Give the gift of love to those in need. Let’s share ways to love others and join in the season of giving. DreamHack is committed to charitable causes and we invite all of our attendees and fans to come play with us and game for a good cause.

Read Quest 8


Here are some of our cool rewards that you can get participating on the DreamHack Quests. 2 weeks full of fun quests. Pins, custom ornaments, merch, games, gift cards, a lot of discounts and more! Don’t forget to download our app and visit the quest booth for more information.

Nintendo Switch – OLED
Intel® Core™ i9 processor 14900K kit
Foldable GPS Drone with 4K UHD Camera
SPS Jersey
x6 Monster Energy Cases
Discounted & FREE tickets to DreamHack Dallas

Quest booth

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DreamHackAtlanta 2024
DreamHackAtlanta 2024
DreamHackAtlanta 2024
DreamHackAtlanta 2024
DreamHackAtlanta 2024

Complete the

Download the DreamHack App so you can access and complete quests! Earn rewards – discounts, free DreamHack tickets, and DreamHack merchandise – as you do more quests.

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