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Tune into #DHO44

Groups, initial matchups and schedule! Here's all you need to know to watch DreamHack Open 44 starting Mar 10.

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Group A

Team Liquid

ESL World Ranking

RBG Esports

NA Qualifier

High Coast Esports

ESL World Ranking


ESL World Ranking

Group B

paiN Gaming

ESL World Ranking

Bad News Bears

ESL World Ranking

Rebirth Esports

ESL World Ranking

Extra Salt

NA Qualifier


All times in EST.

Mar 10

12:30PM Imperial vs Havan Liberty
SA - UB 1.1

12:30PM 9z vs Shark Esports
SA - UB 1.2

4PM Team Liquid vs RBG Esports
NA - UB 1.1 - Group A

4PM Bad News bears vs Rebirth Esports
NA - UB 1.1 - Group B

7:30PM High Coast Esports vs Triumph
NA - UB 1.2 - Group A

7:30PM Extra Salt vs paiN Gaming
NA - UB 1.2 - Group B

Mar 11

12:30PM Imperial eSports vs Sharks
SA - UB 2.1

4PM Team Liquid vs Triumph
NA - UB 2.1 - Group A

4PM Bad News Bears vs Extra Salt
NA - UB 2.1 - Group B

7:30PM RBG Esports vs High Coast Esports
NA - LB 1.1 - Group A

7:30PM Rebirth Esports vs paiN Gaming
NA - LB 1.1 - Group B

Mar 12

12:30PM 9z vs Havan Liberty
SA - LB 1.1

NA - LB 2.1 - Group A

7:30PM TBD
NA - LB 2.1 - Group A

Mar 13

12:30PM TBD
SA - LB 2.1

NA - Semifinals #1

7:30PM TBD
NA - Semifinals #2

Mar 14

SA - Grand Final

NA - Grand Final