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October 4-6, 2024
Atlanta, Georgia


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Meet up with awesome streamers and content creators at DreamHack Atlanta 2023

Creators at Atlanta

DreamHack has offered content creators the opportunity to stream live from our Stream Studio over the years, but this year we are taking the concept to the next level and are offering creators an opportunity to further interact with their community, create unique content, and much more in our new Creator Hub, where you will bring your community to life.

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DreamHackAtlanta Tyler1 MeetGreet


Get ready to dive into the ultimate showdown with Tyler1! Join us while he takes over main stage for a whopping three hours, meets and greets his fans on Friday, this is your chance to grab an autograph, snap a selfie, and even share a few words with the legend himself. Don’t miss out on this chance and be a part of gaming history! Mark your calendars and get ready and we see you there!

T-pain's Nappy Boy Gaming

Come join NBG in a series of fun activations at DreamHack Atlanta. From DnD one shot on main stage, some sus among us games and maybe laser tag fun?! It’s time for Madness.

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over 370+ creators

DreamHack Atlanta Creator Hub presents an opportunity to witness over 370+ creators, making it an event that promises to leave you inspired and amazed!


What will you see creators do

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Stream Studio

Stream Studio is a setup of 20 stations facing the visitors on DreamHack Atlanta, where Creators can make Live Content on platforms like Twitch, Kick, Facebook, or YouTube from computers made for Live Streaming.

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Creator Lounge

To make sure that the Creators are well prepared for their activities around the event we host a private Lounge where Creators can sit down, and network with other Creators as they take care of their needs with some snacks or soft drinks.

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Meet & Greet

The Meet & Greet stage is where Creators meet their biggest fans as they can shake their hands, take photos together or challenge each other for example in a game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors”.

Meet your

Favorite creators!

Meet up with awesome streamers and content creators at DreamHack Atlanta 2023

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